Here Is The Main Reason For Cowboys’ Success Against The Bengals

This was a flat out beat down of Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday afternoon. Helpless Bengals couldn’t find an answer for this Cowboys’ team that came to play from the first to the last drive of the game. The offense was flowing all game long, scored 28 points while last quarter didn’t even have to be played.

But everybody expected this offense to be decent all season long. They probably have the best offensive line in the game that makes life easier for Elliot and Morris. Dak Prescott has performed amazingly so far. He exceeded everybody’s expectations. Even to that point that we wonder if Romo should come back as a starter.

But, the main reason why this team was so successful against the Bengals is their defense. And that pass rush on Andy Dalton. Cowboys’ defense was all over Cincy’s quarterback as he had to move out of the pocket and throw the ball away on a lot of plays. Dallas defense finished the game with four sacks and nine QB hits. Terrell McClain was all over Dalton as he was credited with 1.5 sacks and three hits on Bengals’ signal caller.

The presence of DeMarcus Lawrence was obvious. Even though he saw limited play in his return, you could see that he was effective against this Bengals O-line. He was able to put some pressure on Dalton and make him move in the pocket and force throws on the run.

This secondary was aggressive against Bengals’ wideouts as they were really physical with Cincy. Especially with AJ Green who was complaining about pass interference on a couple of occasions, but in most cases he didn’t get the call, and Dallas’ gamble has paid off.

The offense is what we always expect from the Dallas Cowboys. It has been their identity for the past decade. But, when their defense is playing like they did on Sunday, this team is extremely dangerous. Now at the top of the division, they will need their defense in order to be successful going forward.