Major Google AdWords Tips That You Need to Be Aware Of

Whenever we need any information to find a solution to any issue, or for making a buying decision, we pull out our digital devices and search online. Online businesses always try to be where their potential consumers hang out online. So, they look for different techniques to build an online presence.

Internet marketing strategies allow the search engines to recognize your brand and rank your websites. Whenever there is a relevant search query, the search engines list out your brand in front of information seekers.

What is Google Ad?

Paid advertising is helpful because building organic traffic takes time. Paid ads push you in the forefront relatively fast. In Pay-Per-Click [PPC], or also popularly known as Google AdWords, you bid on search terms or relevant keywords. When someone uses those terms while searching, Google displays your ad in the search result. If the seeker clicks on your ad, then only you need to pay Google. Thus Google Ads allow you to control the amount you desire to spend.

Worthwhile reasons for marketers to use Google Ads

Google Ads is –

  • Scalable
  • Measurable
  • Flexible
  • Faster than SEO
  • Low maintenance than SEO
  • Currently dominating the SERPs
  • More engaging than the organic results
  • Offering a high conversion rate
  • Offering remarketing opportunities
  • Giving a competitive edge

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Google Ad dominates the majority of the search market globally. By using PPC, you get the quick channel to reach your targeted prospects. If you are about to start Google Ads, here are some important tips and recommendations that can boost your campaigns.

Tips to build ad group

  1. Negative keywords optimization

For example, a cake bakery desires to block ads for following search terms like –

  • Strawberry cake recipe
  • How to prepare a strawberry cake?
  • Baking tips for strawberry cake

Since such phrases alone might not bring customers, some negative keyword list like free recipe, strawberry recipe jobs are used. It helps in reaching out to a wider group of search audience.

  1. Bid on competitor’s brand

Google Ad allows you to bid on your competitor’s brand. It allows you to reach out to your competitor’s potential clients, so that you can let them know the comparison before they purchase.

  1. Monitor Keywords quality scores

Quality Score allows assessing the brand’s advertising abilities. It even helps to determine CPC for a new keyword. You can maximize reputation and decrease costs, by monitoring Quality Score for every keyword. Improve low score keywords by increasing landing page relevance, and ad copy. You can even consider deleting keyword/s if they perform poorly.

Tips for Adwords campaign designing
  1. Create a landing page that aligns with your ad

The landing page has to resolve the queries that the visitors come looking for. If the landing page misaligns with visitors’ needs, they will click away from your site. Thus even with high CTR, your site ends up wasting the PPC budget.

  1. Consider match type keywords

Different match type keywords can get used on AdWords.

  • Broad match – It means you add keyword phrases in the ad appearing in any order. Even the synonyms get accepted.
  • Phrase match – The ad will appear when the search phrase exactly matches with your list.
  • Exact match – The query words has to match your target phrase exactly.

When a more constrained keyword match type is used, you stand to gain more control on your audience. However, if your audiences are smaller in numbers, you will need to find a suitable solution. You can make adjustments to the keyword match type, as data starts coming in.

  1. Use of the following aspects

Google offers different fields to post relevant content and extensions

  • Use available space to offer an optimal picture of your brand. Include the URL and link it to your landing page. Add headlines and include your location followed by the product description.
  • Few different extensions like Sitelinks Extension, callout extensions, and structured snippets are available. It allows for boosting the performance of your campaigns.
  • A location criterion offers higher precision, and is especially great for local businesses.

Tips for Adwords tracking & implementation

  1. Test keywords from organic campaigns to measure your success. You can even eliminate keywords that perform poorly in your AdWords campaign.
  2. Keep track of how the ad performs across the sales funnel including clicks, leads generated, qualified leads, and revenue generated. You get an idea about the weak areas in your sales funnel and improve it.
  3. Track your campaign budget like how much a single keyword cost, generated quality leads, and revenue generated. You can thus delete keywords that don’t generate revenue.
  4. Great opportunity for planning a remarketing campaign. Prospects did visit your site, but left without making a purchase. You can draw the attention of such prospects by offering extra incentive, and thus influencing them to convert.
  5. Several small businesses have a tight budget to run an Ad campaign. To increase returns, they can prioritize their budget towards high performing campaigns. They can confidently use the remaining funds towards slow campaigns that need tweaking and editing.

Tips for mobile-friendly AdWords campaign

  1. First, check if the mobile-only ad campaign is helpful for your brand or not. If your campaign is driven by plenty of traffic from mobile phones, then plan a separate mobile-friendly campaign for a specific keyword.
  2. Searches from mobile devices differ. The two main patterns are voice search and shortened keywords [abbreviations]. Therefore while choosing keywords for mobile ads, find terms that match with voice search or shortened keywords. Never use complicated keywords for the mobile-only ad campaign!
  3. All the landing pages need to be mobile optimized. Avoid unreadable fonts and colors. Navigational tools and buttons need to be large for navigating comfortably. Whenever possible, try to use auto-fill forms.

Google AdWords is a powerful advertising tool. It helps businesses to improve their marketing strategy to a high level. PPC advertising is a complement to organic strategies that allow improving their brand awareness and recognition. Use the above AdWords tips to create money making campaigns.