Major Updates On Brock Lesnar!

WWE loves having Brock Lesnar on their roster. They have enjoyed him being there ever since he decided that it was time to return to the company back in 2012. He has been a huge attraction for the World Wrestling Entertainment ever since day one, which is understandable since he is one of the biggest names that they have even to this day. Because the leverage is on his side, Brock is working a light schedule and is getting paid a lot for his services.

His previous contract was supposed to expire this summer, but it seems that he and the WWE agreed to a new one. It’s not the same kind of a deal that he had before. According to the reports, this deal is going to pay him by appearance. That is something that Brock is okay with since he probably wants to get back to the UFC and they are also going to pay him per match.

Right now, Lesnar thinks that working like this is the best for him, which is a good thing since all three parties involved are satisfied.

When it comes to the creative and the booking decision for The Conqueror, it looks like he is going to lose the belt to Roman in Saudi Arabia because nobody can imagine him going over Roman twice in a row for the biggest belt on Monday Night Raw.

There were also talks about him facing Bobby Lashley and that one of the reasons that he was brought back to the WWE was to battle with Brock, but right now, it looks like the company is going to save that one for a big show. Reports suggest that we could see their clash at the Summerslam or maybe even later this year. They are not going to jump into programming right after Lesnar finishes with Roman.