How to use Math and Make Money Playing Online Slots

Are you someone who loves to have fun at a casino? Are you more so a fan of online or in-person slot games? It doesn’t really matter which game is your favorite, as long as you know how to play it right, or beat the system and trick it into winning big! In fact, did you know that math can come in handy when playing just any casino game, as well as slots? Keep on reading and start winning big!

Is it possible to trick the system?

Playing online games and having some virtual casino fun can’t harm you, as long as you know your boundaries and you have set your limit. Although counting cards and doing math is not allowed in actual casinos, you can do it online since no one will be able to tell! Luckily for you, you can have fun at various online casinons.

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Top 6 rules to follow & understand

1. Math behind the return to player percentage

Did you know that every game that you play has a percentage that’s based on the math that stands behind the game, done by an actual computer? It is also known as the return to player, used by the casino to show how much you can win back. How to enjoy your slot game? Find the best bet option that has a high return to player percentage. Most slot games have their RTP number written out so you will know what you’re getting yourself into right away.

2. Speed is key as well

Baccarat and blackjack are games that demand math & quick thinking. However, understand that when you play 1,000 hands of blackjack at tables that have the same rules, making the same size wagers, your results are going to be the same. When playing online you will be presented with more wagers. This is crucial since playing faster doesn’t necessarily mean winning bigger and greater prizes, but it can also make you lose money sooner than you’d want it to happen due to hectic gameplay.

3. Bonus consideration

You will be offered different casino bonuses, especially once you sign-up to the site and subscribe to their newsletter or special promotions. Knowing which one to go for and which one to say no to is crucial. Make sure that you know what you’re dealing with at all times. Some bonuses will demand that you place a deposit, which can make an impact on your balance amount. Read the rules and pay close attention to what you’re signing up for before you say yes to your bonus.

4. Feature rounds

If this is your first time playing slots and you’re not too sure what you’re getting yourself into, make sure that you’re prepared for a lot of free spins and bonuses, as we’ve previously mentioned. Understand that it might take you several attempts to spin the wheel in order to trigger the bonus. Once you understand the pattern you will be given more new chances every day to win big on slots. Each slot is different and will be triggered in a unique way and after several attempts.

5. What is the frequency of slots like

Not knowing the frequency of each slot is a fun part, as well as an experiment in most games. However, once you cover the basic ground rules you will be a step closer to figuring out the game. So, how many symbols are on the reel? Each new slot is different, which is why a couple of free spins will allow you to get the hang of the game. Be patient at first, and don’t rush the game or the process.

6. Practice makes everything perfect

Even though slot games are completely random, if you do regularly play them online you are in good luck for better playing sessions. You should go through some trials and errors till you get it just right. You can’t beat the system, but you can explore different wagers and bonuses till you find the best slot for you. Luckily for you, there are loads of different reviews on different machines nowadays online, which makes the process even easier to navigate!

What type of a player are you?

To better understand where you stand or what your approach should look like you first have to determine where you stand. Are you:

  1. A) The novice player – someone who just wants to have a good time.
  2. B) Clear-thinking player – you are reserved when it comes to your cash.
  3. C) Balanced player – you have spent some time studying the game.
  4. D) A pro – you go all in and you know the strategy.

Play and bet according to your knowledge level and current position, be humble and honest with yourself!

What about the casino’s edge?

The house always wins is a rule that you must have heard of a million times. Well, this rule does apply, but make sure that you’re aware of its loopholes:

The money that people lose doesn’t run the casino nor help it profit. It is paid and given to winners.

The casino takes its share when you play roulette, which is around 20% of its profit.

If you study the house edge you can reduce the advantage. This is where slots come in handy since they have the return to player percentages of 96% and above. Pick out your slot wisely!

How to prolong your gameplay?

Go for plays that have a low casino edge, as we’ve previously explained. What is your average loss per hour, and how much money do you usually spend? Know your strengths and weaknesses before you begin your gameplay.

When playing slots make sure to lower your coin denomination to lower the percentage payback. This way, you will have fun & not spend money above your budget.