Ways to Make a Small Bedroom Look Bigger


Are you struggling with how much space you have in your bedroom?  Well, there is no need to panic since you are not alone. Whereas you may have to remodel your bedroom to add actual square footage, there is more you can do to make your space lively.

Whether you’re moving to a new place or want to upgrade your most intimate space, you can never run out of options. Provided you employ the best decorating ideas, you can fool your eye into seeing your bedroom is larger than the norm.  Here are five ways to make a small bedroom look bigger.

Keep Furniture to the Minimum


One notable drawback of a small bedroom design is that you need to have as little furniture as possible. The only way to save as much space as you can is by avoiding clunky items, even if they add extra storage. Better, you can still make room for your belongings without losing space in your bedroom.

To pull this off successfully, settle on furniture that comes with exposed legs as they will make any room look bigger. Since this type of furniture does not directly touch the floor, it creates space making your bedroom feel way airier. Better, you can use the extra space for storage purposes provided you keep it free from clutter.

Use Vertical Space


When you have to deal with a small bedroom, it is better to think vertical to create more space. Even though you might be running low on space, you can still get the most out of it by using the walls right up to the ceiling. That is possible since it draws the attention of your eyes upwards, making the small room seem larger.

To add extra storage, interest, and visual space to your small bedroom, you can opt for built-in shelves. Ensure the shelves extend from floor to ceiling to create the extra space you badly need. Unfortunately, this design idea will not work for everyone with a small bedroom.

If you do not find it viable, you are better off creating built-in illusions with shelving units tall enough to reach the ceiling. Alternatively, you can decide to hang separate walls as the perfect way to fill up your space. Regardless of the options you choose, you will make your small room look larger without the hassle.

Perfect Color Combination


The color you add to your bedroom plays a vital role in bringing out the look you desire.  That’s not to say you should start painting your bedroom for the sheer sake of it. Most homeowners who do this end up regretting their decision in the long run. To avoid suffering the same fate, take a good look at the space before you can finally add any color.

Since you want to make the small space look larger, try to minimize contrast as much as possible. Remember, relying on a color scheme that’s based on different shades of the color cannot make your space feel too busy. But what colors make your small bedroom look bigger?

The secret lies in opting for light blue and bright green colors as they brighten up the room. Even though it may be tempting to choose colder colors, they will end up working against you. These colors only give your room depth rather than making it look bigger.

Avoid Complex Bedding Setups


The little things you choose to ignore can also affect the look of your bedroom.  That’s mainly the case with the type of bedding you have in the room. It might be tempting to have voluminous quilt covers and layers of blankets in your small bedroom, but they can fail to bring the look you want.

To avoid closing up your bedroom, steer clear of bold and heavily patterned designs as they only add clutter. Things are not any different when using too many pillows since they can influence your bedroom.  For your bed to be part of your room’s flow, opt for light-colored linens rather than decorative pillows.

Fortunately, you can now buy quilt covers online and avoid the stress that comes with visiting a brick-and-mortar store.  Whether you are in dire need of the highest quality quilt covers, bed sheets, cushions, or even throw rugs, you can click here and find everything you need for your small bedroom. Either way, settle for simple bedding to keep your bedroom feeling fresh and open.

Mix-and-Match Patterns

Mix and matching patterns in your bedroom correctly come in handy whenever you want to blur the small dimensions of your bedroom. Better, the cheerful color serves as a visual distraction that keeps your eyes moving. You don’t have to go overboard when you want to mix-and-match patterns since the simple changes you make can work wonders.

The secret lies in mixing patterns to your heart’s content while keeping the colors within the same palette. Whereas you can opt for pillows with different designs, ensure the overall pattern should be the same scale of size. As for the blanket, buy one with a nubby texture and neutral color to add your personality and feel to the room.

The Bottom line


Having a small bedroom in your home does not have to be the underlying reason you cannot maximize your space. You don’t have to go overboard to make space stand out since the simple changes you make can turn your room into something larger. Keep furniture to the minimum, use vertical space, avoid complex bedding settings or even mix-and-match patterns.

Hopefully, these tips can help you get started when planning to upgrade your most intimate space without taking tolls on your finances. Do not hesitate to seek expert help when in doubt to avoid making the same old mistakes. That way, you can turn your small bedroom into a large room hassle-free. So, what are you waiting for before you finally give your small room a look it deserves!