How to Make the Best Decisions in Life

Everyone makes errors in their lives. Quite simply, no one is perfect but there are many ways to avoid life’s pitfalls and avoid mistakes in business or just everyday activities.

Although there is no real way to make a guide for you to live perfectly, there are things you can do to make sure you have a higher percentage of being successful than you do of being wrong. Here are some areas that could improve your life.

Saying yes to everything

Around 15 years ago an English author decided to change his life by saying yes to everything. He was in a rut and had lost his girlfriend when he chose to start saying yes to any question or option given to him. Obviously, this led to a very amusing book but it isn’t a recommended way for anyone to live life.

The Dice Man was another book that has been purported to be based on real-life events where a man chooses to roll a dice anytime he has to make a decision. The dice was used to make his decisions instead of himself. He decided to let chance rule what happened.

Although these examples are entertaining they will probably not lead to the best decisions you could make. You need to reduce the percentage of errors that can happen in life.

Taking out life insurance

This is something that everyone should really do and it is a good decision because it leads to peace of mind. If you have the correct life insurance, then you know that your family will be taken care of when you finally pass away and they know that they won’t face financial hardships. The DISB recommends having insurance and regularly reviewing it. To make the right choices, you need to speak to a licensed professional who can advise you on the correct insurance cover for you and your loved ones.

Getting the right measurements for anything

Anytime you weigh yourself or have to measure any kind, there is a margin for error. You might have some scales at home in your bathroom and they indicate you weigh 75 kilos but you had a hospital visit recently where you were weighed at 76 kilos. Obviously, you would presume the hospital scales are more accurate than ones you bought from a home depot store. You can work this out as a percent error with an online calculator such as This tells you the relative error which you can use to make a precise measurement.

Education to improve yourself

Another area that can help you in life is education. Most people know this but many leave school without trying to further themselves. These days many courses are available for online learning that can fit your lifestyle and budget. Furthering your schooling is a good way to improve your employment prospects and therefore make more money. Find something that you are passionate about and improve your well-being. Furthering your studies is one of the best approaches when you want to go up the career ladder. You can also learn a new skill that comes in handy if you want to start a side business that will generate more income.

Learning to budget

It is a simple area of life that many ignore. Budgeting is easy to understand but hard to manage for some people. Getting a grip on this will improve your life and reduce any stress you have about money.

You simply need to work out how much your income is and how much you spend to budget. If your expenditure is above your income, then you need to reduce costs. Spend one-month keeping receipts for everything you spend in cash and on cards, including bills and any repayments on credit. See what you can remove from your spending so that your money coming in is more than what you spend. This extra money can be used to pay off debt or save.

Build up emergency savings

Once you have your budgeting under control, you can start putting money away for emergencies. Life can be unpredictable, and a simple misfortune can set you back and make you suffer in ways that you cannot imagine. You may not know when such a thing happens but having some money put aside can be a life-safer. If something happens unexpectedly, instead of reaching for the credit card, you will be able to pay it off yourself from your funds.

General life decisions

Changing small things in your decision making can lead to improvements. Look for discounts and compare prices when you are purchasing something online. Don’t rush into any purchase, in fact. Take the time to compare items and reviews before making decisions. Compare your gas provider against others online before you switch. If you are buying in online auctions, wait until the end to put your bid in. It is pointless pushing up the price when there are days still to go.

Create a worthy circle

The type of people you let within your circles can either make your life a living hell or worth pursuing. Having tens of people around who cannot come around when you are in need is not worth it. Evaluate those around and make the hard decision to drop those who do not add value to your life. Pick a few mentors and people that can guide you when things get messy. You also need to ensure that you are valuable to those around you and create a mutual relationship. Find some activities that can help cope with the challenges of this life and get busy once in a while.


Although there is no magic formula, unfortunately, to get everything correct, there are areas that can improve the percentage of you being right instead of wrong. The relative error is a way to measure precision. You can’t always be precise in life, but you will feel less stress and anxiety by getting the basics such as budgeting, finances, and insurance. Self-improvement will also bring its own rewards.