How to Make your Dog Happier? 6 Awesome Insights

Who doesn’t want their dog to be happy? However, sometimes things just aren’t going right and your dog could seem and very well be, down. Due to the fact that domesticated canines are naturally wired to be excited, positive and very affectionate, seeing them glum means that something is wrong. And since they can’t talk, it’s your duty to find out what’s wrong. The causes for this are usually somgewhat simple and turning a frown upside down for a pup isn’t astrophysics. You just need some effort and smarts. Here are 6 tips on how you can make your dog happier.

Do a visual inspection on them

The first thing you can do is just to visually inspect your dog for any alarming signs. A common cause for a bad mood is pain or general discomfort. Look at their eyes, examine their ears, snout, nose, mouth, check their belly, brush their fur, look at their nails and paws, inspect the tail, etc.

You could notice the cause for discomfort and/or pain by just taking a closer look at your dog. Solving most of these issues isn’t too difficult as well. For starters, a common but overlooked issue is when you leave the nails too long. If they get too lengthy, it’s hurtful just to take a step or to change direction – both things super important for a dog. Visit Our Pets Mag to get a 1-0-1 on trimming dog nails.

Another common cause for feeling poor and/or ill is ticks. They are extremely dangerous to dogs (and humans too), but if one sticks to your dog, you need to remove it immediately or visit a vet if the dog is feeling super bad. Which coincidentally, takes us to our second tip for making the dog happier.

Go to the vet

Let’s discuss the much less pleasant scenario first. If your visual inspection uncovers something bad that’s causing a distraction and/or pain (inflammation, infection, ticks, etc.), you shouldn’t hesitate even a moment and visit a vet immediately. A professional opinion could tell that it’s a medical crisis or that there’s nothing to worry about. Vets have the knowledge and the equipment to understand what causes emotional and physical distress for dogs and what needs to be done, in order to eliminate these negative factors.

If, however, a visual inspection does not show anything bad and you sense that there is no need for going to the vet, you can stay at home and try this next tip.

Offer food

Yup, all pooches adore food and delicious snacks. If they’re feeling down, it’s very real that they are just feeling hungry. The solution to this problem is simple enough – put some snacks in their bowl or give them a bite of something that you’re currently having (if it’s okay for them). Hunger is a common cause for sadness, not just in dogs, but in all living beings, especially mammals.

If you show them some food or give them something that they can gnaw on – it can make them happy in an instant. As you know, food can make people, let alone dogs, happier right this second. Now if you try a few kinds of food, but still get no reaction, it’s time to try this next tip on our list.

Take them outside

One more reason for feeling down and gloomy in the world of dogs is once again – fairly simple. They aren’t bothered by stress at work or physical inhibitions. They’re also anti-conscious about their body and have great self-esteem. Instead, dogs are mostly bothered by physical discomfort which can oftentimes be caused by just wanting to relieve themselves outside. Another option might be the wrong clothes you put on them. As humans, dogs also need their comfort. You can find many sites online that offers clothes for your fury little friend. One of such sites is

Yup, you read that right. If your dog is sad and passive, it might just be the fact that they need to make No. 1 or No. 2. You wouldn’t believe how many times people thought there was something very wrong with their dog, only to find out that they just couldn’t hold it in any longer and relieved themselves indoors…

So, maybe the problem isn’t lying somewhere deep beneath the surface. Maybe it’s in the bladder or near the other exit…?

Interact with them

Dogs are also sad and don’t feel good at times when they can’t shake the sense of being ignored and alone. If no one plays and interacts with the dog, he or she immediately loses their positivity. If they feel a lack of interaction, you can see them lying on the floor, looking down or having those watery/sad “puppy” eyes.

If you checked them for any physical issues, tried giving food and taking them outside but nothing seemed to do the trick, try to give them their favourite toy and/or use nice words to trigger tail-wagging and positive emotions.

Give them a treat

Finally, they might be aching for a sweet, savoury and juicy (or crunchy) treat. Dogs get attached to not only people, but some physical sensations as well. Thus, since dog treats are the epidemy of deliciousness and flavour, it shouldn’t be a surprise knowing that your dog tries to balance between extreme affection, desire and straight up addiction towards treats. It’s this connection and appreciation of taste that allows you to use treats as motivation for teaching and making them behave. Maybe it’s a treat that they want? Maybe that will change their mood? No harm in seeing, huh?

Some final words

In the end, don’t forget that dogs aren’t as complex as people. They’re quite straightforward and don’t make it hard for people to get them. Almost all of their needs are fairly simple to satisfy, and that’s one of the key factors making canines arguably the most lovable house pets. Make sure to eliminate the possibility/risk of a medical issue, since that could be dangerous and have very undesirable consequences in the near future. If you do suspect that something’s wrong, take them to a vet. If nothing bad seems to be unfolding, try to cover every step that we listed in this article. At least one thing is bound to make your dog happier right this very moment!