How to Make your Garage Door to Open Smoothly – 2024 Guide

It feels terrible when your garage door doesn’t open smoothly. It is one of the most important doors in our house. There are various factors that one needs to understand to make it last long. If you are tired of dealing with the scraping and squeaking noises when your garage door opens, then it is time for you to pay some attention to its maintenance. Here are some tips that can help your garage door to open smoothly:

  • Checking the tracks for loose screws and debris:

The initial step includes checking the tracks for any indications of debris and loose screws that could be hindering the movement of the rollers. To do this, you will require a torch or a flashlight, a screwdriver contingent upon the sort of screws your tracks have, some soapy water and a small cloth such as a mechanic’s rag or a cloth diaper. Use the flashlight to look inside the tracks. Make sure there is no loose screw that is obstructing the mobility of the garage door.

In case you see any loose screws, ensure to tighten them with the help of the screwdriver. Even if you are not sure that the screws are loose or not, just use your hand to tighten all of them once. Apart from this, you also need to check if there is any dirt present inside the tracks. Sometimes, you may find old wasp nests blocking the tracks. Remove all the debris that are blocking the tracks and then use soapy water to clean them.

  • Check the door balance:

You ought to likewise perform customary checks to guarantee that your garage door is appropriately balanced. You can do this by shutting it then, at that point, releasing the operator. Open it halfway and verify whether it stays there in that position or not. In the event that it goes up and comes back down immediately, you have to consider supplanting the springs. Click here to get professional help for maintaining or repairing your garage door.

  • Lubricate the moving parts of the garage door:

It doesn’t take too much time to lubricate your garage door. That is why you should lubricate it regularly if you want to make it last longer. Grease up all the working or the moving parts of the door to ensure it opens smoothly. You only have to take a little amount of the lubricant to prevent those irritating noises when you open or close your garage door. Don’t forget to lubricate different parts such as the springs, tracks, hinges, and rollers.

  • Check the springs for any signs of rust:

Once you have cleaned the tracks from any debris, it is time for you to check the springs for any indication of rust. When the rust gets developed in the springs, the garage door doesn’t open smoothly. To eliminate the rust, you will require a few things- straight vinegar, two neat rags, and a wire brush. Take the help of the wire brush to scrap the upper layer of rust from the springs. Make sure that you use sawing motion to do this as it will help the bristles to reach the coils of the spring easily.

After you have scrapped the upper layer of the rust, clean it with the help of a wet rag. Using the other rag, apply the vinegar to the coils of the spring directly. Now, you have to wait for about half an hour to allow the vinegar to penetrate the rust. Clean the remaining rust with a clean rag after half an hour. You should also check if there is any crack in the springs. Consider replacing the springs if you encounter any crack on them.

  • Painting the garage door:

A clean and newly painted door won’t just enhance the appeal of your home, but it can really assist with saving your time and cash over the long term. Remember, similar to any open air painting project, drying time can vary depending upon the climatic conditions. You need at least three days with appropriate weather conditions to get this task done. Ensure you have the right paint and materials before you get everything rolling. You don’t need to be an expert to give your garage door a fresh appearance and facelift, but you will need to spend some time on getting the things done right.

  • Visual inspection:

Inspect the garage door from time to time and check if there is any water leakage or peeling of paint. When you will do the visual inspection regularly, it will help you to treat the low-level damages immediately and prevent them from getting worse. You also have to carry out extra maintenance depending upon the material of your door. For instance, if you have a steel door, then there are high chances that the rust can develop on it. You can remove this rust by following the method given above.

  • Safety should be your priority:

Automatic garage doors take a reverse direction if it encounters any obstacles when it comes down. This feature is very important for your safety purposes. To check if this safety feature is working properly, you have to place a brick or a wooden block in the middle when your garage door is closing. If it takes the reverse direction within a few seconds, then it is functioning properly. And, if it doesn’t get reversed, you might have to call some professional for help.

To sum up

Garage doors are the largest moving parts in most of the homes. To increase its lifespan, you need to follow various tips for maintaining it. Some of the popular methods that can help your garage door open smoothly include lubricating the moving parts, checking the door tracks for debris and loose screws, inspecting the door balance, checking the springs for the signs of rust, and scheduling regular maintenance.