5 Things to Make your Man Even Sexier 


We all love our partners and support them in their decisions, but sometimes they can let themselves down with how they dress. Now, of course, they are still sexy to you, but you know just how much hotter they could be with the right style.

Having good chemistry with your partner right is what makes your sex life better, it makes you feel sexy and the guys who appreciate you get you off better. But having a partner that takes care of him, knows how to dress and is sexy is another story.

You can work with your boyfriend to help them become just as sexy as you know they can be. I hope this article helps you to do just that as we look at five things your man can do become even sexier. So let’s get to it;

Get a new haircut


It’s a simple idea but an important one, a brand new haircut is a fantastic way to start a whole new look and style. The vital thing to take into consideration when choosing a hairstyle is your face shape. Most men pick styles they think are cool on others, without considering if it will suit them the same way. Once you find out your face shape, then you can choose a style that like and if you need some ideas to check out this list of top 5 haircuts for men.

It’s important to keep the line between what’s sexy and what’s not sexy. If you’re sure that you don’t mind people hitting you on the eye, then make sure your haircut is no more than 2 inches longer than your natural hair

Embrace some accessories

Accessories can make any outfit pop and add your character to it. The tricky part is incorporating accessories into formal wear, but there is an option that comes in the form of pocket squares. Pocket squares can be complicated or straightforward, subtle or overt but either way, allow you to add something to your outfit. If you need some ideas, then look at John Henrics silk ones.

Swap the T-shirt for an Oxford shirt


Yeah, it’s obvious, but when you want to dress up, you put on a shirt. Then think to yourself, if I put on a shirt to dress up because it makes me look good, why do I choose not to look good all the time? Of course, keep a few t-shirts for relaxing in but if you’re going outside, change the t-shirt for a smart Oxford shirt.

Choose the Proper Facial hair

Choosing the right kind of facial hair is very important and can increase attractiveness dramatically. When I say choosing the right kind of facial hair, it is important to stress, that the right kind of facial hair for you could be no facial hair. at all. Such a thing is literally possible and it is doable with a little work and a lot of patience. You need to first take your face from unruly stubble to razor-sharp regular beard; that’s the kind of progression I recommend you follow.

With the decision to either let the hair grow or trim it back, you must first decide which quality of beard you are going to have – short or long. So for many, having the perfect short beard is not such an obvious choice.

There is nothing worse for your style then having poorly grown hair on your face. So it is a good idea to consider if a beard is the best option. If you can grow proper facial hair, then you have a lot more options then just a standard beard.


You could focus on a moustache, or develop a goatee. The critical thing to consider, like number 1, is your face shape. If you want some idea, then check out this guide we wrote in 2019. On top of this, the following step-by-step guide will show you how to shave your beard effortlessly with the clean, safe and simple tools at hand. Some of the secrets to an easy and effective beard grooming routine will be hidden in the brush, the blade and the stubble you choose to comb.

Step 1 – Wash your face

You don’t need to buy any special equipment, just take the same products as you use for your body and use it on your face. Keep the face area freshly washed with cold water.

Step 2 – Groom your beard

You can start by shaving the top layer of stubble at the bottom of the beard.

Work with him on a skincare routine


Skincare is essential, and unfortunately, most men just do not bother with it. That, coupled with the absence of modern-day skincare culture, has led to many men taking more than their fair share of harsh products. Using powerful formulations that are simple and effective, they provide you with effective skincare, then have you apply your trusted, all-natural products for a healthy and balanced skincare regime. Many of the most popular products use plant extracts to provide to your skin a rich and robust skincare profile while providing quality and potency to perform.

Skincare does not mean make-up or anything more than complicated. At its minimum good skincare involves using facial creme and skin creme. Use this guide for a quick and simple routine.