Making a Murderer Season 2 Release Date & Updates


Numerous fans of Making a Murderer have been wondering ever since its first season finished when they will have an opportunity to watch its sequel. Moreover, about 500,000 viewers signed a petition to ask that Avery is pardoned. Namely, filmmakers have already talked to Steven Avery about Season 2, so let’s see what they found out.

To begin with, new episodes of the cult documentary series are currently being produced by its directors Moira Demos and Laura Ricciardi. The story will follow convicted assassin Avery and his nephew Brendan Dassey while their legal teams are supposed to set them free.

According to Netflix, the following chapter will provide a deep look into the high-stakes process after conviction, as well as the consequences it left on the emotional states of everyone involved.


Making a Murderer Season 2 Release date

As far as its release date is concerned, Netflix hasn’t made any official announcement on it yet, but it is expected to be aired sometime in 2017.

Furthermore, everyone is wondering whether Steven Avery is still in jail. According to People magazine, all of the new evidence on Steven’s innocence will be revealed in the new episodes, showing that he was framed for a second time. Zellner was supposed to turn in his appeal brief by the end of August 2016 upon asking the court to give him more time to work on the case. As we already know, Avery was convicted of the murder of photographer Teresa Halbach in 2007, and he later claimed that his lawyers Dean Strang and Jerome Buting didn’t do their job properly. Strang stated that he and Buting wouldn’t be appearing in Making a Murderer Season 2 since the story moved on from the days when they had been directly involved in it.


When it comes to Brendan Dassey, his life sentence overturned in August, but he remained in prison.

Finally, in a joint statement, Ricciardi and Demos said they were extremely grateful for the tremendous response and support of the series and stated they were looking forward to giving the viewers updates on the story.