7 Big Differences Between Male and Female Gamblers


In the past, gambling was considered to be a male activity. It didn’t mean that women couldn’t play, but they just weren’t as interested in casino games. But, times have changed, and with the increase of online casino’s popularity, we see the growth in the number of female players.

Men and women have always been different, and these difference has affected their attitudes toward life and all the challenges that come with it. Nevertheless, have you ever thought about the dissimilarities between male and female gamblers? This question can prove to be quite fascinating, which is why we will discuss it in the following text.

Games they choose


First of all, let’s talk about the games that are more popular with women and about those that are preferred by men. As you can assume, there is a significant difference between these simply because of the manner both sexes approach gambling.

The fact that men prefer games that involve more risk isn’t that surprising. After all, they enjoy that rush of adrenaline when playing poker, blackjack, and of course, sports betting. On the other hand, ladies are looking for relaxing games, those that will enable them to unwind and have fun without having to compete with other people. This is why women often play bingo, keno, online slot machine, and other games and to test your luck, you can go to Playamo casino.

Who plays more?


This is a very interesting question when discussing the differences between male and female gamblers. When it comes to comparing the number of games played, men are winners without a doubt. But still, this doesn’t necessarily mean that they spend more time playing. What are we talking about?

Well, according to numerous studies, women don’t invest a lot of money on a single hand or turn. This is not surprising, taking into consideration that they want to be entertained. By putting in small stakes, women actually extend the duration of a single game, meaning that they play it significantly longer than men. On the other note, men tend to invest more money, so the games they enjoy turn out to be quite short.

Why do they play?

Now, we have reached a fascinating question – Why do they play? This won’t come as a surprise to you, but the main motive for both sexes is to win money. Even though many would argue that men and women are fundamentally different, this isn’t the case when it comes to gambling. Yes, the first reason why they engage in this activity is to win money, and as you can assume, the second one is to have fun. Once again, don’t forget that “having fun” is a bit different for men and women, but it still counts as the same answer. Finally, the third reason both sexes agreed on is that they play to win. That’s right. It can be really difficult to resist that urge to give your best shot and be the winner.


Who is willing to risk?

What would you say, who is more impulsive? If you answered men, you are right. There are two things we want to discuss here. First of all, men are more likely to invest larger sums of money in games that carry more risk. Generally speaking, this is why they tend to be in financial trouble more frequently than women.

Next, there is also the question of who is more willing to risk the game upon winning a large sum of money. According to some studies, ladies are more likely to cash it in immediately and finish the game. On the contrary, most men would use the money and try to increase it further.

Keep in mind that age also has a significant effect on the impulsiveness of both sexes. Naturally, young people are more likely to take the risk and aren’t so scared of the possibility of losing everything, while older individuals tend to cash in big wins as soon as possible.

Who is more loyal?

Due to the fact that nowadays there are many online casinos and platforms users can sign up for, a question arises – who is more loyal to their favorite site? Obviously, players will test out numerous platforms and investigate the features until they find the one they like the best. But what happens next? Will they continue to look for other platforms, or will they enjoy that one almost exclusively?

Well, this behavior is another difference between males and females, even though it may not be a significant one. Upon completing a questionnaire, most women said that they only gamble on one website, while most men answered that they use at least two platforms, if not more.

Who spends more?


As you can assume, the biggest difference between male and female gamblers is in the amount of money they are willing to spend. Do you even have to guess who spends more? That’s right. Men. This can turn out to be quite interesting, taking into consideration that the number of female gamblers is continuously increasing. Even though there are more and more women with each passing day, they are still quite responsible when it comes to their investments.

Another dissimilarity supports this research. Do you remember when we discussed the duration of the games? We said that women tend to play a single game for longer periods of time, which automatically means that they don’t put in a lot of money. Similarly, they are more likely to cash in big wins, so they are more likely to earn money instead of losing it.

Who is more emotional?

Finally, there is the question of emotions users of both sexes experience when playing and after losing. We have already mentioned that female gamblers usually opt for relaxing and entertaining games, so we can assume that they tend to stay pretty calm throughout the session. When it comes to losing, naturally, ladies experience sadness instead of anger, which is definitely not the case with the stronger sex. Men tend to get furious after losing a game, and in some instances, can even be violent.