Man Dead in Thailand; Electrocuted Through Fake iPhone 4S Charger

A man reportedly died after getting electrocuted by his iPhone 4S that was put on charging while talking, in Thailand. However, he was using a third party charger to charge his iPhone, which are not according to the safety standards of Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL), according to a report from Daily News Thailand.

Evidence suggest the man was talking while charging

When the authorities reached the scene it was found that the charger was plugged into the charging point, and the dead body was lying near, which indicated that the victim was talking on the phone while it was on charging.

The charger used by the man is blue in color, which is different from the white one offered by Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) with every iPhone. The color suggests that the charger was fake and not an original Apple charger.

The victim’s father told that last time he saw his son lying on the floor without a shirt because of hot weather. After a couple of hours, he heard a cry coming from his son’s room, but overlooked it thinking his son might be sleepwalking. He found the body in the morning.

In the image, various marks and severe burns could be seen on the boy’s body on the neck and chest. After taking into consideration the injuries, the officials concluded that the electrocution may be the cause of death.

Other related incidents

Earlier, also the similar incident happened when a woman in China got eye injuries from her iPhone 5 as the phone blasted while she was talking. Another such incident occurred where an iPhone user in China went into a coma after getting an electric shock while charging iPhone 4, and a woman died in a similar incident.

In the last two accidents, the users were using unauthorized third party chargers, following which Apple launched the “Takeback Program” immediately after the incident replacing the third party authorized chargers with the official ones for $10 to anyone who comes with a fake adapter.

Apple issued a note responding to the incidents where it mentioned that the company has always given top priority to user’s safety, so all the products pass the strict safety and reliability testing and abide by the government safety standards around the world including iPhone and iPad USB power adaptors.

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) also suggested the users to use supplied USB power adaptor and USB cable, which are available from Apple and Apple authorized sellers.