Map Service of Google Inc (GOOG) Locates Edward Snowden In White House

The world doesn’t get to see Edward Snowden through any other way than telepresence robots and video chats, but Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) has a different opinion. According to reports, Google Maps locate Edward Snowden in White House.

Is It Truth or Just A Prank?

You can check the map service of Google and try yourself whether Google is right about Edward Snowden or not. As soon as this news hit the market, people started talking about the authenticity of Google Maps; hence, the company had to come up with an explanation about this situation. As per the reports, what people can see as Edward Snowden in White House is not real. Somebody has played this prank in a clever way.

Experts think that anyone aware of how Google Maps track locations might have done this trick. He would have used a Google verified location, probably a fake Edward Snowden. The property lists its working hours from 5 a.m. to 11 p.m. The person might have changed the address to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue after doing all sorts of formalities to make sure that it pops up as White House Snowden. Even though the property has given a phone number for the address, but no one seems to pick up the phone, no matter how many times you dial.

In order to make sure that the matter doesn’t go out of the reach, Google has deleted the verification of the location and also a few reviews that people had written after noticing this prank.

According to the Next Web report, users left comments like “top-notch information on the cheap” and “great source of classified information.”

It’s been close to two decades since Google was founded, and the company hasn’t been able to enter into the White House yet. It has advised users not to pay attention to this prank anymore.