Matt Ryan Takes Home The MVP Award Day Before His Super Bowl Debut

There were a lot of candidates this year for the MVP award in the NFL as there were many quarterbacks that had a great year and led their teams to success in 2016. We are used to seeing guys like Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers in the MVP conversation. This time around, there were some new players in the convo, like Carr, Elliot, Prescott, and the guy that has won it, in the end, Matt Ryan.

Falcons quarterback had an amazing season as their offense was one of the deadliest that the NFL has ever seen. There were a lot of guys that were neck-to-neck in this MVP race with Ryan as there were a lot of players that stepped up this year. But, what separated Matty Ice from the rest of the pack is the fact that he played his best of the season in the Playoffs and that is why the award went to him.

Even though the postseason doesn’t really count in the MVP race, when the guys are tied, and people can’t decide who is going to win it, they are going to give it to a man that has been phenomenal even after the regular season ended. Brady has been good against the Steelers, but his performance against the Texans’ defense was a bit lackluster. On the other hand, Ryan didn’t have a bad day in the postseason showing some more than impressive numbers.

He finished the season with almost 5,000 passing yards. With only 66 yards shy of that 5k mark, he ended up with 4,944 yards, 38 TDs, and 7 picks in 16 games that he played. Those are for sure the MVP-caliber numbers, and Matty Ice for sure deserved to win this award for the first time in his career.