Mauro Ranallo Officially Parts Ways With WWE


To many, he was the best announcer that WWE had. A lot of fans wanted him to stay with the company and for JBL to be the one who is leaving the commentating booth. But, that’s not the case as Ranallo has officially announced that he is going to be leaving his job when his deal expires in August later this year.

When he was asked about JBL being the reason for his departure, he stated that this has nothing to do with this situation. According to reports, WWE officials have bought his silence on this topic as the company doesn’t want this story to get any more traction, so that is why the answer that Ranallo gave to the media was expected.


This guy is free to work for other non-wrestling promotions even though he is still under WWE contract, but he will have to wait for his deal to expire before he calls wrestling matches again.

WWE and I have mutually agreed to part ways. It has nothing to do with JBL,” Ranallo wrote in an email to Newsweek.

JBL has bashed Ranallo for announcing that he has won some kind of internet award for the best announcer. It seems that Ranallo, a person with bipolar disorder and someone that is battling depression, was proud of his achievement, but JBL was there to spoil all the fun. That was just the boiling point in their relationship as the tensions were there even before JBL made his comments. Ranallo missed following Smackdown Live, never to return.