Meet Cozmo, your friendly neighborhood intelligent robot from Anki

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Robots are controversial members of modern society. People are divided in their stand about the existence of these droids. Some are grateful for the help they provide to the labor force while others don’t like their presence. They dread the thought that these intelligent machines would someday take over the world.

But all this remorse about robots is only the result of watching too many sci-fi movies. A robotics company from San Francisco is presenting this little, friendly robot that really touches the hearts of people.

His name is Cozmo and he is the brainchild of Anki. It is a wholesome, little toy that fits in the palm of your hand.  Set to be released on October 16 into the market at $180, this new innovation will definitely change people’s perception on artificial intelligence.

Cozmo takes on the personality of the famous Pixar animation character, Wall-E. The purpose of this gizmo is to give joy to people and make them appreciate the usefulness of technology in our lives. However, this robot is not meant become a digital assistant but a pet that you can cuddle with.

The little robot was created to entice children and youngsters. Anki had first eyed on this market with is toy cars controlled by smartphones. They definitely had caught the eye of these teenyboppers with the astonishing features of those toy cars. And they are doing it again with Cozmo.

Cozmo’s architecture is quite more refined than those that have come before it. Anki had carefully programmed this tiny machine so that it can mimic human emotions. Hence, it responds to situations around it just like any living thing.

Blue, square eyes will turn into tiny flakes when angry. Its arms will flip rapidly when the robot is crossed. It gets mad when it loses a game and beats the table. You will know when Cozmo is happy because its eyes will become like the letter U that is turned upside-down.

Carlos Baena, an animator from Pixar, was employed to create Cozmo’s personality. That is the reason the robot exhibits a number of similar characteristics as that of the famous Pixar character. Its most promising feature is the ability to react spontaneously. Just like any living thing, Cozmo also has its own set of tantrums which could really catch your attention.

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Furthermore, Cozmo is equipped with some other intelligent capabilities making it more like a human being. It has face recognition functions allowing it to remember and speak names. It is also able to remember map directions so that it is able to navigate around the house on its own.

One good thing about this gadget is that it does not heavy hardware. Cozmo connects to either an iOS or Android where Anki can communicate with it. This lightweight feature makes a great electronic pet.

There are, however, some disadvantages to this robot. Because it is controlled by a mobile app, little children may need their parents’ assistance with the toy. It requires a Wi – Fi network to get activated and needs frequent charging. Future updates on its software may improve Cozmo’s performance but for now, it is helpful to take not of these limitations as it might upset the kids who will be using it.