Meet Devin Druid From 13 Reasons Why

Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why has left people amazed and even the drama has ended, the fans are still discussing Hannah Baker and everything that happened. Today, we will talk about Devin Druid who played the role of Tyler Down in the show. Tyler was a photographer who received the 13 tapes Hannah had sent before she committed suicide. Devin was 18 when the show was filmed, and he was one of the youngest members of the group. Here are five things you didn’t know about him.

5. He thought it was cool that the 13 Reasons Why casting process included “any ethnicity”

Devin talked about the “insane” casting process because so many people auditioned for the show and he initially auditioned for Clay. He received an email breakdown with a small paragraph about the characters of Clay and Hannah and the email instructions stated any ethnicity. The show’s cast was so diverse, and Druid believed it represented the real world with different people living in it.

4. Therapy dogs were present on set

13 Reasons Why is a serious show which depicts problems in today’s world. That is why counselors were on set to make everyone feel comfortable, and Devin even admitted that sometimes he would go home scared, thinking about all of the themes shown in the series.

3. Devin hasn’t watched the show

He is critical of himself and doesn’t like to watch his performances because he would notice some of the mistakes. Also, he couldn’t watch the show in its entirety because his friends and classmates are suffering. He declared that the actors had become such a good friends and they share their personal stuff, not just the passion for the show.

2. Devin is a hockey fan

Devin Druid loves hockey, and his team is Pittsburgh Penguins.

1. A lady on a plane flight let Devin hold her treasured Pomeranian

When he was flying to New York for an audition, the woman that sat next to him allowed Devin to hold her Pomeranian-Chihuahua mix named Watson. Devin also has a dog called Finny who is an adorable dark brown and black hound. He revealed that he tends to behave awkwardly in social interaction and that this one with the dog was enjoyable for him.