Meet Seven SUVs introduced at the Paris Motor Show

We have seen many great vehicles at Paris Motor Show and SUVs have been dominant. Visitors of the show have a chance to see what will come out on the market in the near future and how SUVs will look.

1. BMW X2 Concept – BMW unveiled their concept SUV and blue X’s in the headlights attract visitors the most. Moreover, it has enormous exhaust pipes, but the question is how many new features the car will keep once it reaches production. X2 will hit the market by spring 2018. The starting price will be $33,000 X1 to $39,000 X3.

2. Audi Q5 – The Q5 weighs 200 pounds less than the previous model. Furthermore, the wheelbase is bigger and passengers in the back seats will feel comfortable due to the increased legroom. The car will go on sale by the summer of 2017 in the US, but before that it will come out in Europe. The price is unknown.

The optional heads-up display on the windshield and a 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster are just some of many improvements. In addition adaptive cruise control that is based on Audi’s traffic jam assist technology is included in more than 30 semi-autonomous innovations.

3. Skoda Kodiaq – New Kodiaq will have seven seats and it will be priced at $28,000. If you decide to buy a seven-seat option, it will set you back $43,000. The car will first appear in the UK in 2017. If you try to park the car while the trailer is attached, a feature called towing assistance will switch on and it will steer the car. Besides this, numerous driving-assist features are included.

4. Mercedes EQ – The new electric vehicle designed by the German company will have a range of up to 310 miles per one charge. However, it won’t reach the production line until 2019. An estimated price will be $39,150.

5. Land Rover Discovery – Major upgrade is that you can configure the three rows of seats with a smartphone app or a touchscreen located inside the cabin. This SUV will have room for seven passengers. It will be equipped with nine USB ports and eight devices will be able to use 3G WiFi simultaneously. The is an option for an off-road drive called All-Terrain Progress Control. Like most of the SUVs mentioned before, it will come out in spring 2017. The suggested retail price will start at $54,000.

6. Infiniti QX Sport Inspiration concept – Besides many futuristic enhancements, VC Turbo engine is the heart of the vehicle and it draws attention. The company believes that the combination of a diesel motor with the performance of gasoline engine is a fantastic progress when it comes to engine technology. The vehicle will hit the market in 2018.

7. Lexus UX Concept – Take a look at how Lexus sees SUVs in the future:
Besides gigantic wheels, it has sharp lines. A hologram globe will be placed instead of the instrument panel whereas the cameras will replace mirrors. Furthermore, the car will contain a removable sound bar.

What do you think will any of these SUVs make it to the Best SUVs 2018 list?