Mercedes-Benz CLS Will Get A Successor in 2018

According to some reports, the Mercedes-Benz CLS will get a successor in 2018. The CLS is a sedan with four doors, but it reminds us of a coupe because of its design and roof line. In two years time, the CLS will be put on the new platform, and the new car will be larger and more spacious than the ongoing model.

The Mercedes-Benz will use their MRA platform to underpin the new vehicle. This platform can be found on the E-class sedan that has hit the market this year. Besides the new platform, the CLS will witness some design changes as well. We can see the spy shots, but it is heavily camouflaged which makes it impossible to go into greater detail. What we do know is that there would be no reasons for German car maker to disguise it in such manner if they are not prepping major updates.

It is expected that numerous semi-autonomous driving features will be added to the next-gen Mercedes-Benz CLS. Some modifications under the hood are a possibility too as the new inline 6-cylinder unit will be featured in the upgraded S-Class sedan, and this can be a replacement for the V6, which is in the current CLS. Nothing is official yet, however.

The rumors that the next-generation CLS will be divided have been circulating. In other words, the AMG is the one that could continue to develop the CLS. They would turn this car into a sports version, which would compete against the top offerings in the Porsche Panamera lineup and some other rivals. The AMG sports sedan has been rumored for a while now, so is it possible that we are talking about the CLS? The other, regular variant or more on Earth version would go under the CLE name. However, the German automotive giant hasn’t confirmed any of these speculations.

Stay tuned for more details.