Mercedes GLA and GLB Will Arrive in 2019

The Mercedes GLA has received a facelift, and we expect to see completely new models three years from now. The company is already developing a new vehicle, and a test mule has been seen in cold weather testing near the Arctic recently. According to the latest report from Auto Express, the new Mercedes GLA is supposed to debut in 2019, at the same time when we will see the GLB.

Both models will be based on the new MFA2 platform, and the A-Class has already started working on it. It is still early to tell how the new platform will affect the weight and rigidity of the new vehicles plus Mercedes’ officials probably want to keep that a secret.

Besides Auto Express, the German magazine Auto Bild also released a video about the new GLA, but they stated that it should appear in 2024 instead of 2019. This seems to be more logical because of the fact that the facelifted model still has not hit the market. Auto Bild also believes that Mercedes will introduce the new electric vehicle which will be called EQA.

Both magazines agree that the GLA will be larger than it is now, which means more space in the interior. The engine options remain unknown, but some of the rivals such as BMW and Audi inserted the 1.5-liter ones into their vehicles, with Volvo expected to follow. Will Mercedes comply with the trend?

The certain option is a 2.0-liter diesel unit as the German carmaker is investing 3 billion euros in the development of the diesel units. The 2.0-liter powerplant is already powering the new E-Class sedan and wagon, and Mercedes is not playing around since they also developed a 150-horsepower variant which is designed to compete with X1 and Q3 offerings.

The new MFA2 platform will be manufactured in a way to allow the installation of hybrid and fully electric powertrains. The A-Class is here as a pioneer, but we don’t see Mercedes giving the green light to any more PHEVs unless it is necessary. As we have already said, the GLB will also debut probably in 2019, and according to rumors, it might come with seven seats.

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