Mercedes-Maybach G650 Landaulet special edition with V12 power and S-Class rear seats!

The honorable G-Class W463 has received more than a proper farewell present which consists of stylishly luxurious Maybach nip and tuck. As most of you probably know, the double M brand (Mercedes-Maybach sub-brand) that was inaugurated a few years ago already made three production models (S-Class Sedan, elongated Pullman, and S650 Cabriolet), and the G-Class W463 is their fourth gem which is somehow the most unusual of the bunch.


If you take this one and compare ti to the regular G-Class, special edition offers a lot more and its revolving around rear legroom (increased thanks to stretched wheelbase by 22.7 inches). Then there is full massage treatment added at the back by a pair of individual massage seats borrowed straight from the S-Class, and another trick makes the special edition G650 Landaulet an extraordinary vehicle, and that is its “majestic open-air experience” which is achieved by the electrically foldable fabric roof.

If you want some more privacy, there is a glass partition that separates the front and the rear part of the vehicle. Mercedes-Maybach decided to really treat the passengers at the back and offered them even more in the form of the personal center console with heated and cooled cup holders mounted between the two seats along with dual 10-inch screens and a pair of foldable tables featuring leather inserts.

Exterior & Engine

Enough is said about what awaits you inside, now its time to tell you what lurks on the outside of this top luxury model. Besides the lavish interior, one more thing separates this G65 from all other Maybach-branded models, and that is the portal axles which are borrowed from the G63 6×6 and the G500 4×4. The Landaulet version also has an enormous ground clearance that comes with 17.7 inches travel and it offers three diff-locks for the ultimate off-road capabilities. The engine is the same monster from the S650 Cabriolet, and if you forgot it’s the biturbo V12 engine with 630 HP and 737 pound-feet of torque that are funneled to all four corners of the car to the beefy 325/55 R22 tires.

Mercedes stated that the reveal to the general public of the G650 Landaulet will happen on Geneva Motor Show in March and that its sales will start just a month after that. Magna Steyr factory in Graz, Austria is commissioned to make only 99 of these, and the deliveries will begin this fall. The price range is unknown and kept hidden by Mercedes, but according to info that resurfaced it might be more expensive than the G63 6×6, which for the 2015 model year had a price tag of around $485,400.

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