Mesmerizing Tidal Bore Along Qiantang River

Qiantang River in China’s Zhejiang province is the place where you can see biggest tidal bores as the incoming tides from the East China Sea are funneled into the trumpet-shaped mouth of the river. This can ultimately cause the waves that reach up to 11.5 feet height.

In most cases, these waves are quite mesmerizing and huge number of people are coming to this place to watch this phenomenon. The fast-rising tide is directed by river creating an upstream wave that later on reaches the protective bank hitting it with its full force.

According to scientists, this phenomenon is caused by gravitational pull between Sun and Moon. It happens during each and every month, but it is usually strongest mid-August. This time around we could see huge waves that appeared on October 7. The tidal bore can also be strengthened by other natural occurrences as it was the case a few years ago when Typhoon Trami fueled waves.

Qiantang River is not the only place where phenomenon like this can be seen, and one of the places where it also happens is the Severn river in Britain. When it comes to the size, this river in China is in the first place, as we already said, as its waves can reach incredible 11.5 feet in height.

From time to time size of the waves can jeopardize the people’s wellbeing and a sudden surge of water can knock down spectators. It was also recorded that on few occasions amount of water that was delivered with tidal bore was enough to drag vehicles and also to flood nearby water-treatment plant.

Check out the video we have here and enjoy the spectacular tidal bore of Qiantang River.