Miami Dolphins vs. New York Jets – Week 15 Picks And Predictions

Dolphins had a great day on Sunday as they squeaked past the Cardinals in one of the biggest games of the season for this team. But, it wasn’t all good for Miami as they lost their starting quarterback. Tannehill tore his ACL in the third quarter. Dolphins haven’t looked the same after he went out, but they found the way to get the job done.

While it wasn’t all good for Miami on Sunday, for the Jets, there wasn’t a single thing that went well for this team. They are becoming one of the worst teams in the league as their defense just lacks effort and passion. Jets were supposed to be one of the best teams on defense, but it turned out that opposing offenses really like playing against the New York Jets.

This is the best matchup possible for Miami after they lost Tannehill. Their offense will need to regroup and there is no better opponent for that than the Jets. Miami is sitting at 8-5, tied with the Broncos, but just outside of the Playoff picture looking in. Denver will have a tough time going up against New England so that is good news for Miami.

When a team doesn’t have it’s starting Quarterback, but we are still going to pick that team, it speaks volumes about the Jets and just how bad they are looking right now. We are rolling with the ‘Fins to win this game and shut down the Jets. The final score will be 20:10 in favor of Miami.