The Mick Season 2 Release Date

As its fans have an opportunity to watch the last episodes of The Mick Season 1, they can fully enjoy them knowing that there will be Season 2 as well. It was renewed by Fox back in February, making it the first network’s pickup for the 2017/2018 season. Therefore, we’ll be watching Mickey and the rest of Pemberton family for another season.

It was originally planned for the season to have 13 episodes, but additional 4 were added. According to Fox, at the beginning of the season, the series reached an outrageous number of 8 million viewers. The initial figures decreased a bit, but the show has been a steady performer whole season.

The storyline of the series revolves around a wild woman Mickey. She relocates to extravagant suburbs of Greenwich in order to look after her sister’s children. As far as its cast is concerned, its main star is Olson, who stars as Mickey, and the rest of the actors are Thomas Barbusca as Chip, Carla Jimenez as Alba, Sofia Black – D’Elia as Sabrina, Scott MacArthur as Jimmy and Jack Stanton as Ben.

Due to Olson’s commitment to The Mick, it is expected that the thirteenth season of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia will be pushed back to 2019.

In case you were wondering when we will have an opportunity to witness Kaitlin Olson’s amazing and rather inappropriate humor brought back to television, it will be very soon. Namely, we’ll be watching it from September 26 as part of Fox’s new Tuesday line-up. Moreover, it will be smack dab in the middle of a strong new all-comedy timeslot for autumn. It will air at 9 p.m. on European time, which will be directly between Lethal Weapon and Brooklyn NIne-NIne. We can all sit back in our comfortable homes and enjoy the last episodes of The Mick Season 1 while we’re waiting for its sequel to come out this fall.