Microsoft Azure now offering Easy NXT

A new product, Easy NXT has been added to Blockchain-as-a-Service under Microsoft’s Azure. NXT Blockchain will be supported by the new product. Easy NXT allows the deployment of a developer’s NXT nodes when they follow the stipulated steps.

Bitcoin that started more like a peer to peer digital currency transfer of value has gone beyond what anyone ever imagined. The Blockchain is in the meantime being used to meet the needs of Blockchain technology. The nature of Bitcoin protocol which is an open source has created room for other blockchain platforms and cryptocurrencies with each of them having their own weaknesses, strengths, and applications.

The huge importance and popularity that blockchain technology records have gotten big tech companies like IBM and Microsoft to get involved by coming up with a cloud service that is specialized for the deployment as well as the development of blockchain applications.

This will enable developers to increase one major issue – the trust factor that is always the case with such platforms and to also decentralize the applications. Mainstream businesses adapt more to any service or product that is backed up by such big companies than for individual developers or whether they are in a group.

One of the leading platforms we have for cryptocurrency is NXT. When it comes to market capitalization, NXT crypto-tokens come in at 22nd position and this is above Counterparty. Azure Easy NXT will help developers by saving them sometime in the lengthy process that is involved in coming up with Virtual Private Server (VPS) and also the configuration of remote software and the set-up tasks that it comes with.

NXT in the meantime regards itself as a platform that is both secure and decentralized and open to businesses all over the world and governments as well. With Easy NXT, the attention of businesses and leading corporate that are fascinated by the blockchain technology has been gotten. It was the development team of NXT that created Easy NXT before giving it back to them for approval.

The developers are at the moment experimenting the Easy NXT being worked on by Ardor. Russia’s National Settlement Depository is also deploying NXT for its e-proxy voting system that is blockchain-based.

By the year 2017, NXT projects that more developers will avail themselves of the opportunity to make use of Easy NXT nodes that are readily deployable.