Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) Courts Start-up’s For Valentines With Half-million Azure And More

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT), this February is the middle of several courtships. With the recent 100GB nearly-free cloud backup for end users, it has now set out in hot pursuit of the young one’s in Silicon Valley, the Start-up’s, at Y Combinator, the incubation platform.

Typically, Start-up’s in the ravines of the software valley rely on the likes of Amazon’s cloud storage platform, AWS, as the infrastructure to begin their ventures. Now, Microsoft Corporation hopes to grab a big chunk of these starlings who will gain perceptibly from nearly half-million of cloud computing credits on its Azure platform. It need not be said, that for fledging companies, such an offer will help to sustain much of their capital flow in the near-term. Such credited use of infrastructure will also give them the band-width to pursue better spending, and even look for better prices on their deals, increasing their valuation.

Azure Deal to Repeat to Convert Y Combinator Class

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) began the offer of half-million Azure credits to current batch of Y Combinator class by first holding a day-long session for the founders of Y combinator. Microsoft Corporation cloud offer, when evaluated is twice that of the total cloud freebies each company in Y combinatory class receives from Amazon’s AWS credit(roughly at $100,000 credits, $10,000 from Digital Ocean and $50,000 from Heroku.

Microsoft Corporation offer does appear to turn the tide, admits one of the co-founders of Y combinator. The ‘shockingly good’ Azure half-million credits will allow startup’s to build their business around the technology platform they prefer, as it will include-PHP, .NET, Linux and other Open source Systems support. The offer will also include exclusive PaaS build for differentiated learning in stream analytics, machine learning and more!

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) Azure courting of startups should change the trend for their proprietary cloud product, in the near future!