Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) Erases Third Party Snapchat Apps From Windows Phone Store

Now, Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) has removed all the third-party Snapchat apps on the Windows Phone Store. A report from Windows Central informs that the Windows Phone app store does not have any third party Snapchat apps. The move from Microsoft follows an earlier announcement from Snapchat that it would crack down on all third-party apps.

Microsoft removes third-party Snapchat app

Snapchat does not have any official app for the Windows Phone, so now, even the Snapchat compatible app are no more downloadable. And accounts of users, who are already having one (like 6snap-the most popular option) are getting locked for using a third-party app.

6snap has been developed by Rudy Huyn, who through his tweets has indicated that Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) was instructed to remove the apps by Snapchat itself. On asking for confirmation, Huyn said he will “work closely with Microsoft now to convince Snapchat to change its mind.” Two third-party apps were blamed for leaking the IDs and passwords of millions of users after which a zero-tolerance approach to third party apps was taken by the U.S. Company.

Not much impact on Windows Phone user

Those who own Windows Phone and are fond of using Snapchat on it do not get affected much by this news. This is so because they never had an official app, and now the unofficial ones have been removed too. The iOS and Android are dominating the world today, and such issues are the cost of being the ‘third platform,’ says a report from TechCrunch.

The ban on the third party apps could be of temporary nature, and therefore would not last for too long. A mobile messaging platform is being built by Snapchat, and this is an indication that in the future it will make it possible for the third parties to connect to its services with the help of an official API that will be released by it. Also, this will enable it provide increased protection.

It becomes possible for the company to maximize its value to the advertisers if it keeps its services free of third party apps on all devices. In this manner, the company gains absolute control over targeting its user base with ads, and video advertising has been recently introduced by the company.