Microsoft Corporation (MSFT)’s Office 2016 Set to Launch on September 22

Microsoft Campus
The Visitor’s Center at Microsoft Headquarters campus is pictured July 17, 2014 in Redmond, Washington. (Stephen Brashear/Getty Images)

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) intends to roll out its Office 2016 suite in September. After launching a Mac version in July, the Windows version of Microsoft’s Office 2016 will not have several significant changes.

The Office 2016 suite is particularly designed for touchscreen users. The latter includes everybody on a computer, tablet or smartphone having a touchscreen monitor. Office 2016 also emphasizes cloud storage of content. In July Microsoft also officially released the Windows 10 tablet’s Office Mobile apps.

Office 2016 for Windows will come on September 22nd initially restricted to professional and home users. The new desktop version has a colorful novel theme the same which is present in the latest Android, Mac and iOS apps. It is also like the Windows 10 touch-optimized Office versions with a colored appearance that complements the Excel, Word and PowerPoint applications.

The novel colorful choice comes with a dark theme for folk who don’t fancy the traditional appearance of Microsoft’s Office apps. Microsoft is enhancing Outlook 2016 attachments, search, and storage footprint as well as email delivery performance. It is also enhancing image insertion in Excel 2016 as well as Word 2016.

The most significant alteration in Word is the facility for real-time co-authoring inside Office 016’s desktop version. The latter functionality was applicable only to the Office web apps. However, its introduction in the desktop apps is most welcome. Office 2016 boasts of collaborative functionality targeting business users such as Skype for Business and Real-Time Typing.

Microsoft has not declared the pricing model of Office 2016 till now. It looks that the new software will be priced just like Office 2013.

Microsoft has not made an official commitment to the September 22nd release date. However as per sources close to the company Microsoft employees are presently putting under test a final release candidate build of Office 2016. Hence, a September 22nd release is probable.

Sources: digitaltrends, ibnlive