Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) Takes A Step Ahead; Launches Phase II of Skype Translator Preview

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) is face-lifting the preview program of Skype Translator by infusing it with updates, features as well as two new languages. These attributes will be made available in the test bed. Skype Translator, which is the language-translation facility, offered by Microsoft, offers this unique service in real-time. In December 2014, the company has introduced the phase one of this preview to only some of the selected testers.

A brand new feature from Skype

The company executives call this Skype Translator as a naïve and brand new facility offered by Skype to its users. With the help of this facility of Skype, conversations can be translated both ways and that too, in real time. So, this means that you can easily talk to your foreign friend with a different language with clear understanding.

What the Skype Translator will do is that it shall display on your screen, the on-screen transcript during your call. Finally, the service will be able to translate the instant chat messages into 45 different languages.

The second phase

This phase was launched by Microsoft on April 8, 2015. The support on Skype Translator will be offered by the company for two additional languages (spoken), and these include Italian and Chinese (Mandarin), as well as Spanish and English to be launched in December.

New Features

New features will also be added, and these include adding mute audio. This will allow the users to kill their audio volume and just focus on the read translation vs. the hearing it while being spoken.
There are also the facilities for partial translation. This helps in getting the real-time service, by bringing down the delay time. The time between someone finishing speaking and the starting of translation is reduced considerably with the help of this service.

Also, Microsoft has added speech recognition cautions. The customers can be easily warned if the translator is unable to comprehend the speaker’s language. Thereafter, Skype will also offer suggested methods in order to resolve these hassles.

As of now, the preview of Skype Translator is made available on the devices that have installed Windows 10 Technical Preview or Windows 8.1 on it.