Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) Wonderful Outlook App for iOS Snipes Google Inc (GOOGL) Gmail App

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) has surprised many expert in the technology world, with a sophisticated new Email App, the Outlook for iOS platform.

Outlook Email app, users and experts who’ve used it thus far claim that it is faster, lithe and differentially sophisticated, than Gmail’s App, as Outlook seamlessly integrates features.

For power users using the Gmail app for the Apple device Operating System, the iOS, had begun to eat in on the time factor. Not only was Gmail App for iOS beginning to be slow but bugs appeared to kill the experience. Switching between accounts, entering settings and more has been testing. However, until now Gmail’s winning feature had been the IMAP synchronization.

Now, with Outlook App apparently being able to supersede this feature and provide a range of features such as seamless integration, it appears Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) Outlook may well win over Gmail Apps apparent slushiness’.

For starters, the speed at which Outlook operates can alone be worth the switch. Secondly, Gmail calendar integration is intuitive and slick on the iOS platform. Third, attaching files on emails is so simple and straight-forward because of seamless connectivity with Google Drive, OneDrive as well as the DropBox.

Interestingly, it allows swiping of messages left and right ala Mailbox App on the iOS, to ensure distractions are temporarily kept away from the messages. So, you can archive with a right swipe, or schedule by swiping to the left.

Outlook App really cuts the reins from Gmail App because of its speed and factor of loading, in a matter of a few blinks. Gmail App also lacks a few basic features that Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) Outlook App has, such as the ‘people’s’ tab. The tab lists from the most recent used contacts allowing for clean and clutter-free use without the embarrassing slowness.

Currently, Outlook Email App for the iOS, makes the cut with its super-sophisticated feel and experience. Will Gmail App take a few lessons from it, let’s watch!