Microsoft Develops New Magic Mirror to Capture People’s Emotions

Microsoft Store

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) has built a new mirror which is dubbed the Magic Mirror capable of greeting users, and can also read emotions and is able to display functions such as weather and time and also other features. It does all this as it keeps its mirror-like face.

A member of the Microsoft Singapore developer experience team, Izzat Khair said the mirror would be pretty useful for people when they wake up. If you woke up, managed to style your hair and do your makeup and all the while getting results on the weather app and time updates.

It also has a hidden face camera in it that can detect human emotions. Eight of them, including anger, happiness, and surprise. Microsoft announced that they also planned to increase the functionalities on the Magic Mirror to include other things such as app feeds from some of the popular apps on media devices such as Facebook, Twitter and much more.

Khair pointed out that the Magic Mirror had true potential pointing to the advertising and marketing businesses could use the technology. He explained that the technology would be useful advertising because you can do it early in the morning when most people make use of their mirrors. The camera can also take pictures of people’s reactions to the adverts, and therefore, advertisers could react to the reactions accordingly.

The Magic Mirror was debuted at the InnovFest UnBound 2016, a conference which aims to show how much the technology industry has changed over the years, and also the different ways customers are relating to technology nowadays.

In attendance at the InnovFest conference was the Minister of Foreign Affairs for Singapore who said that one of his objectives for the country was to build around 100 million smart objects for the next five years, to cope up with the Internet of things phenomenon which was taking its place in our lives.

The tech giant, Microsoft is apparently working with the country to hell with its development of the Internet of Things infrastructure. It is also there to help with the country’s Smart Nation initiative which is a plan that was brought forward to help with the development of locale talent in the country, research, cyber security, and also public sector partnership in the Internet of Things industry.

With the issue of privacy and cyber security in mind, Khair said that all data stored on the Magic Mirror such as photos and correspondence via apps would be stored on Microsoft cloud and out of touch from any Microsoft engineer. The data would be automatically deleted after 7 days, he said.