Microsoft making moves to unify Skype across all client devices

When it comes to Skype, Microsoft has a plan in place for it and such is to make sure that the sprawl of clients that have been existing on Skype so that one app will be created to work across its various platforms.

If you are already familiar with Skype, then you must have noticed that there are various options for clients and you have to choose options like Windows 10 universal app that is able to across any device, Xbox, and smartphones that use Windows, or you choose desktop standard app, a web app, Linux app, the version for Mac, Android or for iOS.

This has been very inconveniencing for users who may have different devices and therefore must comply with the requirement for each of the device that they are using at the moment to access Skype. That means that they also have to make updates on a consistent basis and also spend money in maintaining these different devices and the software that it comes with.

So when they brought the initiative to create ‘Skype for Life’ people like Ars Technica and others as well as individuals heaved a sigh of relief as the initiative makes much sense.

When it is fully operational, the Skype will work on every device that makes use of Windows as is the case with Microsoft’s latest OS and the universal app. It will also be able to work on Linux, Max, iOS and Android making it a universal app in the real sense.

With such arrangement, businesses and companies will be able to go along with the new plan in place.

Well, it is worthy to note that at the moment, all these are mere speculations, it however, very sensible since this indirectly led to the loss of job of any Skype workers when the London office was shut down, and there will also not be any need for updates of new features as has been the case.

The report added that Microsoft company is very much improving on it Skype Teams which is its service for incoming messages aimed at posing as a strong rival for Slack, but with some difference in the sense that it will create other options for people to have conversations that are threaded so that they can reply to the message they want in particular.

There is still ongoing work on Skype Preview on Windows 10 that will feature the option that will make it possible for the user to send as well as received messages on their PC without necessarily reaching for their phones first to have access to such. It will also make it possible for MMS, SMS, and Skype chats to run seamlessly all the time.