Microsoft Office 365 will use artificial intelligence

Microsoft tries to expand the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in their company. So far, they have had AI through bots and voice assistants but they announced that Office 365 will possess cloud-based AI that will do many tasks.

For example, In Word or Outlook, you can find and use relevant content without leaving the document and add it to your project. In addition, there is a new QuickStarter feature for PowerPoint and Sway that will help you start your presentation and find the materials relative for the topic. As for Excel, you can create Bing-based maps from raw geographic data.

However,Excel and PowerPoint features are still not available, so you will have to wait some time, but they will certainly appear by the end of the year.

AI has more uses in Microsoft. For instance, Dynamics 365, which is a sales service will use AI to introduce relevant data and direct sales reps when the deal is about to be struck. Moreover, Microsoft call centers have AI agents to help employees answer your questions and doubts.

These upgrades are certainly beneficial for all, and I believe that we will see more of machine learning and AI from Microsoft.