Microsoft is Paving the Way for Bringing iPhone Apps on Windows 10

Microsoft Campus
A building on the Microsoft Headquarters campus is pictured July 17, 2014 in Redmond, Washington. (Stephen Brashear/Getty Images)

Microsoft launched Project Islandwood, which is aimed at helping to port iOS apps to Windows 10 devices and is supposed to act as an important bridge in the process. The Windows 10 devices will include both PCs and Smartphones, and the company is exploring more ways to make the process easier and to encourage developers for the same.

It has been one year since the launch of Project Islandwood and now the company has announced the introduction of new APIs and UIKit support, it has been done to curb the problem where the developers faced problem in migrating to XAML. It has been possible to create and use XAML objects using Objective-C code, but it was not the easy way to migrate UIKit based UIs to XAML because XAML has been part of the iOS bridge from the outset, said Microsoft.

The new series of improvements in the project will bring several new tools that support faster bring up of iOS controls, and a bigger UIKit will also be offered, with this a new and improved touch-input model will also be introduced. The final goal of the project is to make the porting process of apps from iOS to Windows much easier for the developers, said Microsoft.

Microsoft explained further that the new developments in the project are going to make the Windows Bridge for iOS more efficient than ever before. The developers are also requested to provide feedback so that the project could be developed even more with time, they have also begun the transitioning of the code base to the new UI based approach, Microsoft added.

The enthusiastic iOS developers who have also dreamed of venturing into the Windows market can visit the official post on Microsoft forums for further details; the post contains details of all the changes and developments which are going to be introduced in the Microsoft Bridge Project Islandwood.

Microsoft preparing Windows 11!

Developers could further visit other developer’s community forums like GithHub for further analysis of the developments, and to learn about the advantages of coding for Redmond’s new operating system.

The project is expected to bring new joy to the faces of those iOS developers who have long dreamt of entering in the Windows app market, and the introduction of these new features escalates the joy even further.