Microsoft presents Windows Server 2016 to public, generally available

Nights are getting longer and leaves are turning colors but Microsoft Windows Server 2016 is still out in the market. The release of the server started in the beginning of October and Microsoft promises to provide the full content of the software by the middle of the month. Microsoft had been true to their word on this promise.

System Center 2016 is also being made available to the general public.

In this launch, Microsoft is focusing on explaining the hybrid cloud strategy and the way Windows Server 2016 can help enterprises to operation their systems both in private data centers as well as public clouds.

Mark Jewett is senior director for product marketing and he argued about hybrid clouds saying that it is not only about connectivity but also consistency. In an interview, he articulated Server 2016’s role in Microsoft’s hybrid strategy for servers. He asserts that Server 2016 is the only product with this kind of strategy.

Azure Stack is the name of Microsoft’s new hybrid platform for Windows servers. With this, Microsoft is confident that it will be able to provide businesses with better solutions for computing, storage and networking using Azure services.

There is a lot in Microsoft’s briefcase for this launch. This hybrid strategy can allow for dependable identity management, strong security measures and development process. Jewett had also pointed that out in the interview.

Windows 11 is almost here 🙂

Built – in support is a notable feature for Server 2016. It also comes with business support for the Docker Engine.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is Microsoft’s strongest rival in the cloud space. However, they are missing the hybrid strategy that Microsoft is so proud to present. This is what makes Microsoft dauntless about the release of Server 2016 with all its hybrid features.


Amazon, however, has been rumored to partner with VMWare to provide better and convenient cloud services to their customers. They are likely to announce this collaboration very soon but it’s no longer a surprise for Microsoft. They are already of this open secret and is prepared to face the competition.

Microsoft is usurping the predicted announcement of AWS by putting the focus on Windows Server 2016 and its hybrid strategy.