Microsoft ranks in as #1 in open source


Since the 90’s and the ‘00’s, open source became synonymous with Microsoft with their known aggressive competition which offers such features as free software that are put together by programmers who volunteered from across the world.

This stand on open source became more obvious when the Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella, took over in 2014. The company become more open to open source and also makes room for open source Linux OS on its cloud computing platform – Microsoft Azure.

The love this company and open source shares is made public with “Facebook for programmers” which made available statistics showing the company that has their employees contributing to the open source where Microsoft came 1 st with contributors numbering 19, 419 as against that of Facebook with 15, 682 contributors.

With the new stats, Microsoft is seen to be taking the lead with its Azure cloud, a competition it went into with Amazon.

With the demands of the internet era being on the increase, many businesses have run to programs on open source to meet up. The Linux OS which was hitherto Microsoft’s bitter competitor is now the major standard for corporate servers that are making use of operating system even with it lacking as a desktop OS.


So it became a liability for Microsoft when they rejected open source in its effort to convince people to move to Azure cloud. This is why the term “Microsoft loves Linux” according to Nadella became popular. The company has also imbibed open source in many of its key technologies.

With their latest ranking as the number #1 in open source, it goes to show that indeed they are serious about what they are preaching.

This data is gotten from GitHub and does not mean that it is final since many other businesses make use of the platform, but on private mode. But whatever be the case, this is a huge milestone for Microsoft.