Microsoft Shells out $10,000 for Automatic Installation of Windows 10 Without Consent

Windows 10

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) paid a Californian woman $10,000 in compensation after Windows 10, the current operating system issued out by Microsoft, tried to install automatically on her Windows 7 based computer.

The installation of the Windows 10 operating system failed, and therefore her computer was left unstable and unresponsive. This led her to lose some business as she could not conduct business to run her travel agency which she runs from an office in Sausalito, in California. The woman, Teri Goldstein, said that never in her life had she heard about anything called Windows 10, and there had been no one or any pop up which had asked her if she wanted to install the operating system.

She tried to fix the problem through the Microsoft help and support platform, but it was to no avail. After that, she sued the company for loss of earnings and also for a new computer. She won her lawsuit and won $10,000. The Windows 10 operating system is being offered as a free upgrade until July 29, and after that person will have to pay to install it. At the moment users are being offered the operating system as an optional upgrade which means users have to express an interest if they are going to install the new Windows 10.

The case is just one of a long list of other complaints that are being lodged against Microsoft because of its aggressive ways of rolling out the Windows 10 platform. In one of its aggressive methods, Microsoft put the Windows 10 software as a recommended update for the Windows 7 software or later. This means that Windows 10 has started downloading the Windows Update since February automatically.

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Users of previous versions started complaining about the automatic installation of the Windows 10 platform on their computers without any consent from them. The installations led to some funny interruptions which happened during the weather forecasts and the pro gaming sessions.

The aggressive methods that Windows has implemented have been angering the Windows users but for Microsoft, it has also increased the rollout of the OS software. There are now 270 million users using the Windows 10 software. This means 17.43 percent of all computers are now using the platform and it’s now second only to Windows 7.

The lawsuit, however, might spurn some new lawsuits from other affected users because clearly, Goldstein has shown its possible.