Microsoft silently opens its Premium for public preview

Officials of Microsoft back in February said that the Premium which is an ad-free updated version was undergoing private testing.

Presently, the service has been moved by the company to a public preview of an invitation-only pilot that is at the moment available to only customers in the US.

When accessing the premium preview page of the, you will notice an offer to pay $19.95, a special price for the first year that the service is running with the price reverting to $49.99 yearly, when the service will be made available for sale.

With the premium page for, users will be able to have 5 email addresses that are personalized that can accept a user’s already existing domain. The users will also have access to the document and calendar sharing as well as an inbox that is free from adverts.

Microsoft says the service was “backed by the new”

For those that will subscribe to the Premium, they will have email addresses that will be personalized that comes with a domain that customized that will be free for a year that first time, the FAQ page says. Then once the first year elapses, the subscribers will be automatically renewed at the “current prices” that will come with an additional charge for the custom domain yearly.

Also contained in the FAQ section is that the company will on your behalf buy a domain should you decide to go with a new domain in the process of registering. It also says that users can continue to make use of their email addresses that are personalized, which is dependent on the domain and that the subscription for Premium will be renewed.

No support is made available with the preview for group creation or auto-forwarding. The company urged all those interested in having more than 5 email addresses to make use of Outlook 365 Business Essential instead of using Premium.