Microsoft to Completely Shut Down Project Sparks Online Services

Project Sparks

Project Sparks is being shut down by Microsoft. The game creation program will now not appear on the Xbox and Windows Store anymore. For users who downloaded the game, online services for the game will be shut off by August 12. The game will be playable even after that period, but any cloud services to the game will be entirely inaccessible.

Microsoft had also put steps for all those who purchased the game before it was offered for free on the market. This is one of the steps that Microsoft is taking as they plan to make income and gain from the gaming venture and industry that is worth almost a $100 billion. The company also removed production of the Fable Legends Company and removed the LionHead Studios.

Fortunately, the company is not going to leave anyone out of the job after the closure of the Project Sparks program.

The Microsoft community manager, Thomas Gratz said the company was feeling bad about the decision they were making, but it had to be done. He noted of how Project Manager Employees had shifted to other departments in Microsoft after it had shifted from active development. He goes on to say that fortunately the news means that there will be no layovers at Microsoft but the work done at Project Sparks is so small for it to make a difference anymore. The cost of keeping Project Sparks viable again is not worth it, therefore, the need for the cease of the Project Sparks program.

Project Sparks was first released to the world of gaming back in 2013 during the Electronic Entertainment Expo. It was part of the Xbox gaming experience that Microsoft promised gamers would feel as they use their Xbox. It gave gamers the ability to use a suite of tools that were simple to use, which would allow them to build games and also take advantage of a controller. They could also use the Kinect camera, together with a mouse keyboard in the Windows version.

September 2015 saw the closure of active development on Project Sparks and the availability of the program on Microsoft Stores for free.