Microsoft Corporation’s Translator App Offers Conversation Feature

Microsoft Translator

The Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT)’s Translator app is now offering a new conversation feature in Android and iOS devices to allow users communicate easily with someone speaking another language.

“With this feature, we are offering a more natural way to communicate in person across languages by leveraging your smartwatch and phone,” according to Microsoft in a blog post.

According to the company, the app’s new conversation feature is powered by same engine used in Skype Translator, which brings advanced machine learning capabilities, and speech recognition systems to help users communicate in-person.

The app’s conversation feature supports translation to and from Chinese Mandarin, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish.

The Microsoft Translator pairs an Android or iOS device with an Android Wear or Apple Watch respectively. Individuals then speak into their wearable device and receive a translation on their phone, which then can be handed to another person, who can continue the dialogue—creating natural, translated conversation,” according to Microsoft.

The company said users who doesn’t have a wearable device can still enjoy the Microsoft Translator app using their phone, but “the experience truly shines with a paired combo of a phone and wearable device.”

Microsoft Translator ranked second best travel app

The company released the Microsoft Translator app for Android and iOS devices in August. The company noted that the app received positive feedbacks from users and the press.

The Microsoft Translator app was chosen as the second best new travel app by USA Today 10Best Reader’s Choice. The app ranked seventh in the Time’s Top 10 Apps of 2015. During its release, the Microsoft Translator was GeekWire’s as App of the Week.

Microsoft Translator team said they haven’t gotten to a babelfish experience yet, and they are working continuously towards providing a better and a more natural translation experience in the future.

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