Minecraft “Exploration” update available: introducing new regions, cartographers, llama pretective caravans

The news on the Minecraft Exploration Update release has spread around quickly, and the novelties it brought have been warmly received. Additional features for Minecraft have been unveiled early as in September, and now it is available for everyone. The game expansion various upgrades that you will notice while wandering around the vast and mysterious world.

With this new update, the players have been provided with guidance which they can seek form the Cartographer from whom you can purchase treasure maps (provided you’ve got a few emeralds to give for them). These maps will take players into completely new regions which are also a part of this new extension. Some of these areas are Ocean Monuments and Woodland Mansion which are full of enemies. Guardians are vicious creatures whose whereabouts are in Ocean Monuments, and their death brings the goods of value in return. When it comes to the Illagers from Woodland Mansion, the players may get the valuable Totem of Undying upon killing these creatures. This award gives you the privilege of “cheating death.” Namely, this Totem reboots a player’s health meter once it starts hitting the low point and thus automatically saves the player from dying.


As for the other additions to the game – there are llamas, which help you transport various items across the land in the caravans they can make. They also offer a form of protection, as they keep the enemies away using their powerful weapon: spitballs.

As you can see, there are many interesting and engaging novelties provided with the new extension. The Windows 10 and Mac versions of Minecraft can be downloaded for free. The same updates will arrive soon for the rest of the Minecraft versions.

And if you are new to the game, be sure to check out MinecraftHowTo.com for all the tips and tricks to be a Minecraft expert gamer in no time.