What Minimalist Office Desk Accessories Can You Not Live Without?


For your work to be efficient and productive, you need to have certain office supplies on hand. But we must not overload the workspace with unnecessary things, because in that way we will lose the space needed for the work itself. Of course, supplies that will be on your desk depends primarily on the job you are doing, although most of the equipment matches for many occupations.


How to choose the proper desk?

Before furnishing an office and choosing a desk, it is important to think about a few things. Try to figure out how often you will use it, whether your job requires long and daily sitting, or is it something you can finish in a few minutes. If you have a lack of space and no need to sit all day long, standing desks are a good solution. Also, if your working room is small, we believe Autonomous will meet your expectations.

Although we are all used to sitting while working, standing has proven to be better for our health. People are not aware that, while sitting, they load the spine.  Also, sitting with your legs crossed encourages the appearance and bursting of capillaries. It’s no secret that the metabolism slows down as soon as you sit down, and the production of enzymes that break down fat is reduced. It has been medically proven that the back muscles start to weaken from sitting for too long and that the blood sugar level also increases. Also, standing has some drawbacks. After standing in one place for a long time, most people feel pain in their legs, back, and neck. To strike a balance, it is necessary to take a short break from time to time.


What are your truly needs?

Speaking of minimalist office desk, not so many things should be found on it, and all things that are not in everyday use should be removed. Calculators, dictionaries, and even calendars no longer need to take up space. Thanks to advanced technology and the Internet, it is now at our fingertips, even over the phone. What is necessary to have is a pencil box, a calendar with a planner (if you are old school and want to have everything black and white, with no fear of losing data), and a computer. It is very important to use the space in the best possible way. For example, a planner calendar can be placed in front of you and you can put your laptop on it. Or, if you do not want a laptop to take your free space, get a computer and hang the monitor on the wall. Today, many companies offer practical solutions for small spaces. Tables with drawers are more practical than those without. These do not have to be large drawers, it is enough if you can put in paper clips, staples, printing paper, as well as papers that you do not need every day.

A very useful thing is the file organizer. It usually doesn’t take up much space, and important things are always in a visible place. This way you will always have everything you need in one place, envelopes, business cards, and more.

Reliable USB hub can be useful if you don’t have enough ports on your laptop, but you have a lot of peripherals. USB hubs usually have two or three ports, and it does not take any extra space.

If you like your family photos to be always in a visible place, it’s a good idea to hang them on the wall or place a picture as a background on your computer. Is there a better solution than this? That way, you won’t take up space unnecessarily, and you’ll keep an eye on your loved ones.

However, each subject should have its purpose. A lamp is something you will probably need. Fortunately, today, very practical lamps are made for small spaces, those whose stand does not take up space at all, but is hung on the table with a clip. It is important to choose both a comfortable and practical chair. Choose one that moves easily from one place to another, which has castors and a comfortable backrest. It is very important to feel comfortable and cozy in the environment in which you work.

Good quality headphones are always welcome but will take your free space. But, attaching an adhesive hook under the desk will solve the problem.

The paper bin should also find a place under your desk. This would prevent the accumulation of unnecessary paper on the table, but also save time because you would not have to get up every minute and leave the crew, you would throw garbage.

Mouse pad with wrist support is a very good idea if you are using a computer. It is cheap with a special wrist rest to relieve stress. When buying, it is important to pay attention to the material from which it is made, also the hand does not sweat and does not slip. Mouse pad made of durable polyurethane is considered to be a good quality. This will provide easy gliding for your mouse, and at the same time, the rubber will keep it from sliding around.

Lastly, we bring a thing that is not necessary but will beautify your workspace. It is a cable organizer, and don’t-let-me-fall cable drops that will prevent desk crevices to become a cable holder. Cable organizer is easy to attack the desk corner, or to place it under it, depending on the type and size.



Now that you have finally arranged and used your workspace in the best possible way, you will be able to sit comfortably and start productive work. Everyone is better focused if their work environment is good. This affects the concentration and quality of work. And of course, always plan and leave room for salt in your favorite beverage, Its Majesty – coffee!