Minnesota Vikings – Pretenders Or Contenders?


Another terrific performance by the Vikings. Big stage, Monday Night Football, and Minnesota has stepped up again. This defense is legit, and they are looking ready to stop every single offense in the game. But, are they ready for prime time? Is this team capable of making it to the Super Bowl?

This defense should be considered as either the best or second-best in the NFL. Broncos D is the only one that can match what Vikings have to offer in Minneapolis. These guys are just fierce. They have the game plan ready, they are prepared, and it’s execution from there on. Giants have three elite wideouts, and all of them were non-existent yesterday. They held Odell Beckham Jr. to only 23 receiving yards. And yes, that was his worst game of his career.

But, is this team for real? The answer is yes. Their last season has ended with a missed game-winning field goal. They were sensational in that game against the Seahawks and should have won that duel. Their offense is nothing special, but it ain’t bad. Stefon Digs is a legit playmaker; Kyle Rudolph is a great red zone target and one of the best tight ends in the NFL this season. He is just catching those TDs in every single game.


Sam Bradford has struggled to stay on the field throughout his career. That is the biggest knock on him. Can he play? Can he pass the ball? You bet he can. Bradford is not an elite quarterback, but he is good enough for this team. You can easily put him in that second tier QB group, but he nicely fits in what Vikings need.

With some of the favorites struggling, like Panthers and Cardinals, this team can really challenge everybody in the NFC Playoffs. They will be there; Vikings will be playing in January and this defense, just like the Broncos one, is good enough to carry a squad to the promised land. Watch out for this team as they are legit.