Most Common Mistakes Web Developers Make – 2024 Guide

It is not a secret that technology is improving almost every day. We can some new devices as well as programs that make the lives of people easier. However, the popularity growth of the Internet and other stuff brought new professions to the world. That is the reason why more and more people want to become web developers.

Being a web developer is not as easy as it seems. You need to spend hours in front of a computer to learn how to code. Fortunately, that type of education is available to everyone. You can find a huge number of vlogs and courses that will give you certain instructions. Your success will depend on your patient, hard work, and will to improve your knowledge.

The beginners will use every possible method to improve their programming skills. However, that doesn’t mean they won’t make certain mistakes. Because of that, learning from the mistakes of other web developers is the less painful lesson you can get. That is the reason why we prepared a list of the most common mistakes web developers make. By reading them, you will know which things you should avoid doing.

Not Respecting Web Standards

There is a good reason why web standards exist and why web developers should respect them. They help people create apps that will work on different types of devices. In some cases, web developers use some inappropriate DOCTYPES. For instance, they use HTML codes that do not apply to today’s standards of coding. If you use the wrong ones, your codes will be full of errors and the product you are developing won’t function properly. Because of that, you will have to get rid of old habits and adapt to the new ones.

One of the mistakes is the usage of a big number of spans. First of all, the method of coding like that will increase the line of codes. However, you will also cause certain layout issues in that way that are not suitable with the newest updates of browsers. For instance, your webstore will have layout issues when you enter it on the newest version of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc.

Ignorance of Technical SEO

Every web developer needs to be familiar with technical SEO. Things like tags, keywords, site maps, and similar stuff are some sort of association for SEO. Yet, you should know that technical Search Engine Optimization is much more than that. You also need to use the backlinks intelligently, remove the duplicate content, etc.

Indeed, SEO marketing is more connected with people that work in the marketing field. However, the SEO of the app, webstore, or anything else you are developing needs to be embraced from the very beginning. That is the only way to make your “digital product” more effective.

Bandwidth Usage Remains Unoptimized

Let’s imagine that you are developing a webstore where you want to sell your products. Logically, you would want to upload a couple of images for each one. Each image that you download will probably have around 4-5MB. When a person wants to check the product, he will start loading a 20MB product page. We believe he is doing that over the 4G (or even 3G) connection. Be sure that the smartphone users are going to have many complaints and issues entering your page.

Not optimizing your bandwidth usage will not boost the performances of your webstore. Because of that, you should not forget to do something that good developers are doing. You should primarily minify all CSS and JavaScript features. Despite that, you should optimize the image size and resolution suitable for every user. You must ensure the best possible experience for the visitor. People often leave the page if they need to wait for more than a couple of seconds.

Not Checking the Website’s Functionality Actively

Visitors get angry when they click on the link and get a message “Page Not Found”. Something like that mustn’t happen, especially when we talk about landing pages. That doesn’t mean that the page visitors want to enter doesn’t exist. The source of the problem usually is a broken plugin or a simple site conflict.

That is the reason why web developers need to actively check the functionality of their website. You should actively check the feedback of the customers and try to fix the problem promptly. There are many tools out there that can help you achieve your goal. However, even together with them, you will need to have a hands-on approach. That is the only way to eliminate bugs and other issues.

There is another situation that web developers are dealing with often. They do not forget to test the codes that are running on the server. After they do that, they confirm that everything is working. However, when they release the website for the audience, things that worked before do not work anymore.

You need to be sure that you are implementing good techniques to fix those errors. We recommend you research alone which techniques are good and why exactly you should use them.

Making Core Information Unvisible for Visitors

When a person opens your website or app, be sure he is looking for certain pieces of information. You can create the best possible website or application ever. However, if the core information is hard-to-find, your website/app is going to lose the value.

You mustn’t forget that “simplicity” is the key even when you are making a “hi-tech” website. Because of that, you should link important information on your homepage. These “links” should be in a visible place and the visitor should not spend a lot of time to find them. In the end, always check if you properly added the links. We already said how bad it can be to deal with the “Page Not Found” issue.

Final Thought

These are a couple of common mistakes that all web developers are dealing with. We recommend you invest additional effort to avoid them whenever you can.

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