MMA Fighter’s Mom Slaps Her Son After He Is Defeated


The MMA fighter Viktor Kichigin suffered a second-round TKO defeat on Thursday at the Fight Nights Global 67 in Russia. He was fighting against Ruslan Yamanbaev, and one would think that loss would be enough for Kichigin, but his mother disagreed with that.

As Viktor was lying near the Octagon fence, almost unconscious, face covered in blood, his mother and trainer ran inside furiously because she couldn’t believe that her son had lost the match. What followed was really hilarious.

His mother slapped Viktor several times, which caused the crowd to laugh and poor MMA fighter couldn’t stand that, so he left the “battlefield” before the winner was announced. His mother stayed for the winner announcement act even though she knew who triumphed. However, during the fight, she was jumping behind the octagon, giving his son advice, all of which turned out to be in vain.


Just for the record, there are three Kichigin brothers who are all partially trained by their mother. Surprisingly enough, she even has a daughter that is going to fight as well. We are sure that Viktor gave his best and we feel his pain. His mother, on the other side, went a little too far, embarrassing him in front of everyone.

Below, you can see the video where Kichigin’s mom enters the octagon, yells at his son and slaps him. What do you think about it? What would you do in that situation?