Most Unusual and Weird Mobile Apps You Must Have 2024

Without those valuable apps on our smartphones, tablets and hand-held devices, our lives would certainly be much more complicated and less organized – that’s for sure. Social networks, slightly annoying reminders that inform us that it’s time to drink a daily dose of water or take vitamins, menstrual calendars for girls, calorie and step counters, to-do lists… Who would even count all of them? We all know about their existence and we can hardly imagine our day without them. But what if we tell you that it’s time to snoop around the app store in search of some other, unusual ones that can both help you, as well as shorten the minutes or hours of waiting in lines, for example?

Yes, yes, we know – your phone’s memory is too precious and it’s not in your best interest to stuff it with unnecessary programs that’ll just…exist in the background. However, as soon as you take a look at this kind of weirdish list, you’ll realize that you want to own at least one of them. You don’t believe us? Get ready, ‘cause, oh, we’re about to reassure you.

1. AirPnP

We all have that one fellow who can’t even imagine going to public toilets. You know, fear of germs, disgust, the unpleasant smell… and so on. Or, basically, we tend to be that guy or girl. Especially on vacations or in the cities that we haven’t visited before and we don’t actually know where we can empty our bladder without gagging and regretting the entrance to the place.

Well, good news – AirPnP has arrived. Remember ol’ good AirBnB that serves for renting your living space and spare rooms to tourists? There comes another, improved version of services – renting somebody else’s toilet in the city where you’re staying – the closest one you can find. The platform offers a review of the toilet, providing available additional assets like tissues, toilet paper, soaps, towels or mirrors. No more horrible stains, no more doors with broken locks or smelly air all around. Weird, but truly appreciated service – and definitely a great idea, though.

2. RunPee

Speaking about bladders… Got too much soda while enjoying your home cinema or the public projection? No worries – at some point you’ll probably get desperate for rushing to the toilet. But it’s a pity to miss the highlights and the best parts, right?

RunPee is, believe it or not, an app that helps you choose the moment during the movie that it’s okay to miss for your bladder’s sake. Within the application, there’s a timer that counts the seconds and minutes until certain moments in the film, which, in the opinion of critics and viewers, aren’t so interesting or important and during which you can visit the toilet with no remorse. Dope!

3. TheTruthSpy

Okay, okay, spying sounds a little bit obsessive, right? But admit it – how many times have you wondered if it’s possible to simply have the complete insight into someone’s smartphone without them knowing it? Now it’s feasible with TheTruthSpy – following someone’s route thanks to GPS tracking, reading messages on social networks and instant messaging tools, and basically being aware of all things happening there, according to android.thetruthspy.

To make this sound at least a little less weird – it’s a great option for moms and dads concerned about their young children’s whereabouts and people they’re communicating with. There’s a whole procedure of installing it and hiding it on the specific phone, but it pays off – it works pretty well.

4. Pimple Popper

There comes a substitute for all you maniacs who enjoy squishing and popping each and every pimple or blackhead you can spot on your or someone else’s face. Sounds familiar?

While some people think it’s quite awful and truly disgusting, some get addicted, as there goes a whole bunch of freshly made pimples, whiteheads and blackheads ready to pop. Different rules apply to different kinds of spots your only assignment is to keep plopping them in the appropriate way. Oh, and sound effects are also there – you know, just for better and more realistic experience. Let the squeezing begin!

5. Spirit Story Box

Okay, here comes a truly spooky one. Have you ever tried going to a ghost hunt? No… but have you ever wished you could do it, like, for real? Well, now is your chance, ‘cause this is a must-have app for all paranormal activities lovers.

What makes it stand out from the rest of somewhat similar apps is that it was established and helped by true investigators who created a unique experience – a possibility to communicate with real ghosts, as they tend to claim. Using simple words and short sentences to get in touch and interpreting hidden messages could open some new perspectives. We can’t characterize it as something extremely useful – but it’s fun, and it’s a sufficient reason to get it – simply as that.

6. Drunk Dial No

Let’s be honest – how many times have you woken up after a mad, drunk night, drowsy as hell, and seen a bunch of outcoming calls to your ex… like, ten or fifteen? Doesn’t this make you want to throw your phone through the window and scream? Yep – we’ve all been there. And that’s why someone came up with a simply ingenious idea of creating a specific app that locks all critical numbers and puts them out of our reach when we expect a stormy, drunken night.

The app gives you a chance to choose an unlimited number of contacts in your virtual phone book that will simply disappear from your sight once you lock them. This implies that you won’t be able to call them, send messages or have any interaction whatsoever. There’s also a timer, so that you can decide for how long you want to block them. Admit it – you’ve been waiting for something like this for years!

7. Cry Translator

Parents with babies know how frustrating not knowing what your child wants is. Especially if they’re witnessing hours and hours of inconsolable weeping and starting to get crazy. Is he hungry? Is she in pain? Why can’t they simply stop crying? Who knows? Well, Cry Translator certainly does.

This application enables moms and dads (or any other person which is taking care of the kids) to record their babies’ cries and get the results in the form of the reason. There are five available outcomes – bored, simply stressed, discomfort (related to urination, defecation or bad position), hunger and sleep. Allegedly, Cry Translator analyzes the type of your baby’s cry and tells you what’s wrong, as long as your kid is too small to tell it himself/herself. Crazy!