Mobile Casino: 5 Things To Know Before Playing

Mobile gaming has grown rapidly over the last decade, which is primarily the result of more powerful handheld devices and faster Internet connections. Punters can now find thousands of mobile slots, and even visit the live casino and bet on their favourite number on the roulette table.

Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android-operated smartphones are the most popular devices used today and online gaming operators are constantly working on making their websites more responsive and compatible.

It’s no surprise that mobile gambling is getting more popular everywhere, especially in countries where fast mobile and wireless internet connections are available.

To have a good experience with these types of money games it’s important to make yourself familiar with how these internet casinos work, which terms are important, and what you need to look out for to find a trustworthy and reliable operator.

1. Play in the casino app or browser

Online casinos use a responsive design that automatically adjusts the website to the screen size of your iPhone or Android smartphone. However, the website may not work fully on your device, as there are just too many different devices out there to make the casino work the same everywhere.

Some casinos have dedicated mobile apps that are optimised for either iOS or Android, and these apps make it a bit easier to use the casino and features, as they are more optimised than a website.

These apps are usually not available in the app stores, you can find them on the casino’s website. However, there aren’t many casinos out there with apps, so you may need to look harder to find one. For the perfect casino you may have to settle for a browser-based casino on your mobile instead. Some of the best mobile casinos, browser-based and app-based can be found on

2. Try the games

The variety of mobile casino games has grown from just a few dozen Java and Flash games at the beginning of the millennium to thousands of HTML5 games today. Flash and Java are no longer supported, and the games have been phased out a while ago. One of the problems with these types of games was compatibility on devices, as they required additional software to be installed on the phone and they only worked on a few devices.

HTML5 revolutionized the mobile game industry, and not just with casino games. Nowadays, all mobile games are developed in HTML5, which is great for cross-compatibility on many devices. It’s not necessary to download any other software to play the games, and they are supported on most modern devices.

However, with so many different devices on the market today, it’s not guaranteed that every game or casino will work flawlessly, so it’s crucial to try them out before committing to bet real money.

Every good casino will allow you to play the games for play money, but depending on your country of residence you may have to register and verify your free player account first.

Once you’ve checked that the games work properly on your phone you can deposit money and play them with real money.

3. Claim mobile casino bonuses

Whether you play on your mobile, or a pc, you may be eligible to claim bonus money on your deposits. To give players an incentive to use their mobile casino, some operators have been offering special bonuses for mobile, but these may be more rare nowadays. In any case you’ll be able to claim what you see on the website, no matter which device you’re using. Make sure you read the bonus terms carefully.

4. Read the payment and bonus terms

Imagine you land a big win and then the casino doesn’t pay you! Outrageous, isn’t it?!? A casino can withhold a payment for several reasons, and the most common one is probably that a player is trying to cash out bonus funds that haven’t been turned over.

The bonus terms give you information about how you have to claim the bonus, the wagering requirements and the games that you are allowed to play with them. It’s very important that you read them, and if anything is unclear, you can ask the casino’s support for clarification.

The general terms and conditions of the casino should also give you information on how long the casino will take to process the withdrawal. Due to regulations from the licensing bodies, many casinos nowadays ask their players to not only confirm their identity but also their payment details, depending on the payment used. Be prepared that this can take extra time, and if the casino requires these documents and doesn’t get them from you, they are not legally obligated to pay your winnings.

Other important payment terms determine how much you can withdraw in a given period of time. Some mobile casinos restrict how much you can withdraw, and this isn’t just the transaction limit, which basically will apply to every transaction, but a daily, weekly or monthly withdrawal limit.

These withdrawal limits can include winnings from local progressive jackpots, which means that if you land a big win you may not be able to cash it out immediately and it would be divided into several payments stretched over a long period of time. Of course, the casino hopes that you play for some of the money again, but not everyone wishes to do so. So, make sure you know the casino’s payment policies before playing there.

5. Check the operator’s license

Sometimes overlooked, yet still very important information about the casino can be found in the footer of their website. There you can find out who operates the casino and which licenses they have. A trustworthy casino won’t hide who they are or who regulates them.

To spot a casino where you probably shouldn’t play, you may first want to take a look at their footer and check their license. If the casino’s operator is not transparent about who they are and how they are regulated, they are probably not worth spending money at. Chances are that this is a type of casino that will likely rip off their players.

You may also notice differences in the type of license and the country that issued it. Some European regulators have stricter regulations for casinos than others, so it’s good to compare regulators as well.

As you see, it’s important to take a moment and check the casino before you play there, but you’ll find that it’s worth it. We wish you good luck with the games!