Mobile Is A Current Priority For Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB)


It is clear that Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) is focusing on mobile nowadays and is playing around with a new layout for user profiles in its app. In a screenshot from VentureBeat of Facebook’s mobile version, a user’s friends had relatively larger photos compared to the online Facebook version. Also cover photos could be swiped to look at all of them.

Marco Menaballi of Italy tweeted a certain screenshot of his mobile Facebook profile that had a fresh look, with a little square profile photo in the centre and a novel configuration of certain buttons.

The new profile design stresses on photos. The profile photo usually placed in the left corner is currently in the middle. The new design prods the user to actions such as updating status, giving more details in their profile or publishing a brief bio showcased prominently on the profile.

Facebook is on Fortune’s list of the fastest growing companies. The company has radically enhanced its mobile app and has been proactive in selling ads targeted at that platform. Facebook’s mobile advertising has 76% share of its aggregate revenue. It holds sway over the mobile advertising market far ahead of Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) in terms of market share.

Facebook will seek more ways to engage its mobile users and make them perceive that they are obtaining value and data from the amount of time they spend on Facebook. Currently, it is not certain whether Facebook will introduce the new look on mobiles. However the fact that there is increased testing happening points to a likely release.

The social networks base of 1.5 billion users is not expected to increase significantly overnight. However to rope in more users the organization is looking at folks, who presently lack internet access. This will be achieved through the project dedicated to make remote locations in the world, internet enabled.

Also, Facebook is attempting to make mobile event planning convenient through event cover art schemes. It is beginning with 36 illustrations and will introduce new schemes in the coming months.

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