6 Ways Modern Television is Changing Our Lives


In modern society, television has a significant role. It’s a big part of our entertainment – it became a necessary piece of furniture in our homes, and we spend a lot of time in front of it. This fact also explains how much influence on our lives it has.

Nowadays, there are lots of providers offering numerous types of packages so that each of us can choose the most appropriate one and use it as much as they want.

From the moment the TV became part of our lives, people have had diverse opinions about how it affects our lives and therefore, professionals and scientists also spend a lot of time investigating bad and good influences of modern television.


Some of them agree that it changes our habits in a good way, however, another group of experts are sure that cases that depict bad impacts are more numerous.

It’s sure that this is changing our lives in both positive and negative ways. Some of the positive aspects are the educational and relaxation aspect and the fact that it can also affect positively the way people think. Looking from the negative angle, this way of entertainment is rather likely to harm our health and affect our social life.

Moreover – think about your children, or any other child you know – they’re spending their childhood in front of this device. Modern television can change their lives too, and it’s essential for us to know how that happens, as we always want the best for them. Today we’ll introduce you to six major ways in which modern television affects our lives and the lives of our kids.

  1. Social aspect

It’s more than clear – nowadays people work a lot. Right after opening the door of their homes, the only thing they want to do after a busy and exhausting day is going to bed, hugging a fluffy pillow and watching a favorite tv show. It’s okay to do it… sometimes. But it’s also true that we’re witnessing the times when people prefer doing that than spending time with their family and friends. It often gets us away from our beloved ones and slowly but surely changes our life day by day.

We’re becoming heavily dependent on TV content. Especially today, in this modern world when you can watch television from other devices like your smartphone or computer, from a more comfortable position.

Also, you aren’t always willing to replace this pleasure with a comfortless, wooden chair from a cafe, aren’t you? People are getting on your nerves, you can’t listen to everybody’s problems all the time… and therefore you prefer staying home with your TV.  Wake up, stop looking at that box in your room and spend more time with your friends before it’s too late!

  1. Health aspect

We’re aware of the fact that doctors don’t really recommend spending a lot of time in front of the TV. The reason for this are the electromagnetic rays it transmits. It’s mild to say that such rays are quite bad for people’s health – they cause some severe diseases such as cancer, leukemia, cardiovascular illnesses… and so on. Of course, it has the worst influences on kids and pregnant women.

It’s not specific only for old CRT type of TVs. Those electromagnetic rays that come from modern plasma, LCD and LED TVs are even worse. The increasingly popular 3D TVs affect the eyes and makes them tired and teary, but also causes sickness and headaches. So, again – start doing something good for your life and health and go running or playing some sports rather than spending all day in front of the screen.

  1. The way of thinking

Another bad modern television feature is that it changes our way of thinking. It has a stronger influence on public opinion than radio, for example. As we said, people already spend so much time in front of the TV, watching the news and other programs, which makes it a perfect brainwashing medium. Advertising some globally accepted things, the most powerful people of the world affect people’s conscience.

Some things that weren’t accepted in society and were taboo topics are reaching the furthest parts of the world through television channels, thanks to modern technology. Many people start supporting them and often become part of the propaganda. This way, they change their lives and take another path.

Furthermore, with all the fancy TVs being produced nowadays, we are looking for various ways to protect them from being stolen. Before, if someone broke into your home, they would look for money or jewelry. Now, they can take out all the tech goodies and sell them off. Therefore, it is essential to protect your property and you will do so with an alarm. The installation of the alarm can be tricky and if you ever need assistance, check this site.

  1. Children’s life


Nowadays, not many parents spend so much time with their children, which is usually the consequence of working a lot and their overall tiredness. The easiest thing to do is putting our babies in front of the TV screen and playing cartoons. Sometimes, when children are older and without supervision, they could easily get drawn into programs that aren’t intended for their age.

Depending on the content, it can affect the development of a child’s brain, habits, and behavior.

Positively or negatively. It’s a double-edged sword. There’s a lot of rather educational content from which kids could learn something new and expand their knowledge. Also, shows like this can teach them about loving nature, animals, and human things. And yes, It’s okay as long as it doesn’t exceed certain limits.

But, generally, this isn’t the case. They spend lots of time watching television while their peers play on the streets. Most children that belong to those new generations have never run after a ball or driven a bicycle – and that’s a worrying fact. Just like the fact that the parents get used to this and generally do nothing.

Also, plenty of content on the channels are for adults such as the ones with violent or sex scenes, meaning that it becomes easily accessible to children as well if they’re in front of the screen all the time.

  1. Educational aspect


Television doesn’t have only bad sides, of course. It can be very useful and helpful in the moments when we want to educate ourselves or our children and find out something new. Luckily, there are still some program schemes, quizzes and educational shows that can assist us with exercising our logic, brain performance and other skills we possess. Some kids even learn languages by watching cartoons and children’s TV shows – you probably know at least one person that learned how to speak another language by listening to the shows and reading subtitles.

The truth is that, even if you’re not able to see such things on TV, you can always watch them on Youtube or other useful platforms. Sometimes we even forget that we can see out of them, maybe because we don’t have enough choice when it comes to programs and their content. Nevertheless, it’s always possible to find specific channels about geography, history, animals or any other crucial sphere and dive into it.

  1. Relaxing aspect

In stressful times like the ones we’re living in right now, each and every person simply needs to find the perfect method to relax. Why? Because this is the only way of avoiding mental issues and worsened physical health.

So, in the end, we have another positive side of this medium. When days are tough, when you want to give a rest to your brain and not to think about anything, this would be one of the best ways to calm down.

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Each one of us should think twice about the good and bad influences of the television on our lives. Before it changes you, try to get away from your bad habits. Spend more quality time with your family and friends and observe the TV as another way of having fun and using all the benefits of modern technology. With time, you’ll learn the difference and be able to prevent your life being drawn into a void, but you’ll also learn to get all the good things from this entertainment method.