Monster Match Set For Monday Night Raw


Braun Strowman has been one of the best things about Monday Night Raw ever since the brand split happened. There have been some good storylines here and there, some characters that have been interesting to the fans over the span of a couple of weeks or storylines, but there hasn’t been somebody other than Braun that has been great on Raw for as long as he has. At one point in time, people were watching Raw so that they can watch him torture Roman Reigns.

The feud with the Big Dog helped him earn the reactions that he is getting now, it helped him get over with the crowd and encouraged the WWE officials to push him going forward. There is no doubt that Reigns has been a big part of the success that he has enjoyed, but this wrestler has also put in a lot of work and showed what he can do in the ring.


Another guy that has helped Storwman rise to the top of the red brand has been the Big Show. The Worlds Largest Athlete has worked with The Monster Among Men on a number of occasions as they have practiced a lot of the moves during live shows. Last time they have met, the ring broke down, and Strowman was the one standing tall.

Now, they are scheduled to face off in the Steel Cage match on Monday Night Raw. We know that they work well together and it is interesting to see if they have something special in store for the fans in the cage, the structure that they have never competed in against each other.